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The Staccato 2011 is a modernized variant of the classic 1911 pistol through the implementation of a double stacked magazine replacing the original 1911’s single stack, this nearly doubles the magazine capacity from the standard 7 rounds of the 1911 to ‘Hi-Capacity’ 13 rounds on a standard 2011. The Airsoft Hi Capa has become wildly popular amongst airsoft shooters as the classic 1911 magazines often suffered from a lack of gas capacity, the most popular models is easily the classic  Tokyo Marui Airsoft Hi Capa 5.1 Green Gas Pistol which was the first and remains one of the best Airsoft Hi Capas around, for those with a bit more style, pick the EMG John Wick 3 Taran Tactical Combat Master Hi Capa Airsoft Pistol, Novritsch SSP1 Green Gas Hi Capa Airsoft Pistol and the WE-Tech Airsoft Hi Capa 5.1 Galaxy Type A Green Gas Pistol

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The names “Hi-Capa” and “Tokyo Marui” are practically synonymous — this iconic airsoft brand first modernized the classic 1911 platform to up magazine capacity and efficiency. 

Optimized to the fullest extent and supported by a vast array of aftermarket parts and accessories, the Hi-Capa airsoft pistol morphs to fit your personal airsoft needs. This can be from a custom race gun or go-to workhorse to a customized, decked-out pistol that’s as accurate as it is reliable. 

What Is a Hi-Capa Airsoft Pistol?

Hi-Capa airsoft pistols, specifically the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Green Gas Airsoft Pistol, remain among the cornerstone pistols in the global airsoft market. 

Most commonly available as a green gas pistol, Hi-Capa airsoft pistols carry a higher gas volume and ammo capacity (BBs). If you primarily run a sniper rifle, SMG, or AEG, the Hi-Capa excels as a sidearm optimized for CQB. 

The Hi-Capa platform has a slightly larger footprint than your average airsoft pistol. However, players with smaller hands can purchase Hi-Capas with less recoil and invest in aftermarket parts to reduce weight. Hi-Capas also come in split or full slide configurations. Full-slide Hi-Capas hit the mark for realistic performance, but split-slides maintain better balance, with only the rear of the slide moving backward as you shoot. 

How To Choose a Hi-Capa Airsoft Pistol

Many players choose a Hi-Capa based on the barrel length. Full-size Hi-Capa airsoft guns have a 5.1-inch long barrel with the most aftermarket support among the different barrel lengths. The 4.3-inch Hi-Capa barrels lose length but gain efficiency and a compact footprint. 

Concealing the 4.3-inch Hi-Capa airsoft pistol may give your gameplay that undercover spy vibe (complete with suppressor), but really, these compact airsoft guns are best for players with smaller hands or less room in their vests/chest rigs or at their side for full-size pistol holsters. 

The Hi-Capa gas blowback airsoft pistol platform is common among many Hi-Capa custom builds. For example, the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Gold Match Green Gas Airsoft Pistol is a great option if you want to avoid an electric gearbox or HPA regulators. You can also invest in a custom setup that includes Picatinny rails for a red dot, tracer units, or flashlights.

How To Upgrade a Hi-Capa Airsoft Pistol

When it comes to upgrading a Hi-Capa airsoft pistol, the aftermarket support available for this platform is unbelievable — you can find anything from full metal slides, recoil spring guide rods, triggers, recoil plugs, pistol grips, outer barrels, stainless sear springs, and recoil buffer sets to buckings, recoil springs, nozzle valves, inner barrels, hop-ups, extended gas magazines, and more. 

With an unlimited budget for your wishlist of upgrade parts, you can create a fully custom Hi-Capa airsoft pistol built to your own specifications — just don’t forget a speed loader to keep your pistol fed. 

Popular Hi-Capa Airsoft Pistol Models

With so many excellent Hi-Capa airsoft pistols on the market, you almost can’t go wrong. Below are a few of the more popular Hi-Capas we stock: 

RedWolf is your source for high-quality Hi-Capa airsoft pistols, spare parts, and upgraded accessories. Check out our wide selection of Hi-Capa pistols to find your next custom airsoft pistol build, or pick from our list of the Top 6 Best Airsoft Hi-Capas