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RWC Custom Glock 18C GBB Airsoft Pistol

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  • Fully Licensed by Umarex (Elite Force) & Glock
  • RWC Custom Model
  • Semi / Full-Auto with a High Rate of Fire
  • Full Blowback Action Metal Slide
  • Ported Metal Barrel
  • Full Glock Markings & Real Caliber Engraving
  • Removeable Metal 50-Round High Capacity Magazine
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Dual Recoil System (Same As Umarex Glock 17 Gen 4 by VFC)
  • RWA Glock Red Dot Plate Installed
  • Aluminum Magazine Well Installed

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The Glock 18C was created as a request by the Austrian counter-terrorist team known as EKO COBRA during the mid-1980s as they wanted a sidearm with the capability of select fire. A select-fire full-auto pistol in a compact footprint presented many more tactical options, and the 50-round high-capacity magazine meant that it could serve as a reasonable primary weapon when outfitted with a carbine kit.

The Umarex (Elite Force) Glock 18c airsoft pistol is one of the most popular airsoft gas blowback pistols. It is fully licensed by Umarex (Elite Force) & Glock and can be fired in both semi-auto and full-auto at approximately 1200 rounds per minute The rate of fire on this airsoft Glock 18C is tremendous and you can empty the entire magazine in a matter of seconds. If the extended 50-round magazine seems too unwieldy for you to carry in your holster as a backup weapon, you'll be pleased to know that standard-sized Glock 17 magazines will also fit the Glock 18C just fine. Conversely, the extended magazine designed for the Glock 18C can also fit into the Glock 17 and other semi-auto Glock models. In fact, the Glock 18C airsoft pistol has exactly the same footprint as an airsoft Glock 17, making the Glock 18C literally just a full-auto version of the Glock 17. Use your thumb to press the magazine release button on the textured grip, and the metal magazine drops out freely for quick mag changes. Umarex (Elite Force) has opted to use the same 2-stage recoil spring system found in the Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol for added durability and stability when shooting full auto. The 2-stage recoil spring system allows for a faster initial cycle, with high tension developing as the slide reaches the rear-most position to accelerate the return of the slide to the battery position. This creates a much snappier shooting experience. The front and rear iron sights are accentuated with white markings for quick aim in low-light conditions. Trigger pull is firm with a short take-up, with a distinct trigger wall that makes it easier for the shooter to squeeze off precise shots.

Like all other Umarex (Elite Force) Glock gas blowback airsoft pistols, this Glock 18C features a full metal slide that cycles on each shot, creating a recoil impulse. The slide moves backward fully and chambers the next round as it moves forward, just like in a real Glock. The ported outer barrel is also full metal. The Glock 18C comes with all authentic markings including Glock trademarks and realistic 9x19 engravings. Our version is highly realistic, as it does not come with the "Airsoft Only" and "Caliber 6mm" markings as found on American & European domestic market models. The firing mode can be easily selected by turning the switch on the rear of the slide. Like the real Glock 18C, there is no safety lever, and the integrated trigger safety is what prevents the gun from firing accidentally. An accessory rail on the front lower frame allows you to install flashlights and laser accessories. You can also opt to upgrade to an after-market threaded barrel so you can install a suppressor. The Glock 18C airsoft pistol field strips just like the real gun. You simply remove the magazine, pull down on the disassembly switch in the middle of the lower frame, pull the slide back, and then push it all the way forward and off of the lower frame. This gives you access to the hop-up adjustment knobs, which are used to add backspin onto the BB so they can fly farther. The hop-up is designed for BBs that weigh 0.2g - 0.3g for best performance.

The Glock 18C airsoft pistol is the most popular pistol for a reason, and not solely for the fact that Glock pistols are the most recognized pistols in the world. The Glock 18C is durable and reliable, and the option for overwhelming firepower, when shot in full-auto, is a nice option to have when your primary rifle fails. If you are going to be using this as your primary weapon, then we recommend you get a few more magazines as spares since the rate of fire is very high and you'll run out of ammo quite quickly.

This airsoft Glock 18C is designed to use Green Gas for the best performance.

This particular Umarex (Elite Force) Glock 18c is an RWC custom model that turns the Glock 18 more tactical by first of all having an RWA Glock Red Dot Plate allowing for the attachment of RMR red dot optic, this red dot optics plate also comes with raised iron sights that are designed to co-witness with the RMR optic. Also included and preinstalled is an aluminum mag well allowing for faster and more precise reloads, perfect for an airsoft pistol with a high rate of fire.

The original stock iron sights are also included if you wish to revert to the original settings, here's Gambit's guide on how to install the RWA Glock Red Dot Plate which also applies to installing the iron sights.:

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  • Fully Licensed by Umarex (Elite Force) & Glock
  • Magazine Reverse Compatibility with Umarex (Elite Force) Glock 17 (Gen 3/4/5), Glock 19x, Glock 45 & Agency Arms EXA Series Gas Airsoft Pistols
  • Approximately 300 FPS
  • Full Metal Slide
  • Full Metal Ported Barrel
  • Easy Switch Between Firing Modes (Semi / Full Auto)


  • x1 RWC Custom Glock 18C GBB Airsoft Pistol
  • x1 Umarex Glock 18C 50 Round Gas Magazine (by VFC)
  • x1 Original Umarex Glock 18C Iron Sight Set

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Umarex Glock 18C

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Originating ArmoryGLOCK
Replica TypePISTOL
Capacity (rds)50
Power (fps)300
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)0.82
Length (mm)185.0
Content Included

RWC Custom Glock 18C GBB Airsoft Pistol

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