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The last known bison of the Magpul PTS era
  • Manufacturer 
     Magpul PTS
  • Model 
     Magpul PTS RM4 ERG
  • Capacity 
     30 or 60
  • Weight 
  • Power 
  • Motor 
  • Hop-up 
     Adjustable KWA M4 style
  • Battery 
     11.1v LiPo
  • Shooting Mode 
     Safe, Semi, Full Auto
  • Construction 
     Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Aluminium


+Fully Magpul Licensed
+Recoil Simulation
+Accurate despite the recoil
+Bolt-Stop feature
+Feeds every last BB
+Magazine switchable to Real-Cap +General AEG magazine compatibility
+Prestige of the last Magpul PTS airsoft gun


-Limited numbers available
-Bolt-stop feature requires proprietary magazine
-Proprietary magazine holds comparativley few BBs


An electric recoil airsoft gun like no other before it, it sets the bar high for a new era of AEGs. This gun is an example that a great list of unique features is not an excuse for poor reliability, and that the efficient and effective AEG is by no means at it's peak of innovation. The final and crowning achievement of the now separated, Magpul PTS.


It has been a while since the break-up of Magpul and PTS, the duo that used to be the face of Magpul in airsoft. And while Magpul accessories on the field are still a common sight, actual licensed complete Magpul PTS airsoft rifles are dwindling in numbers and soon to go the way of the dodo. The days where MOE accessories were abundant, roaming free on the shelves, where Pmags could be found in plentiful flocks, are behind us now. Airsoft conservationists collect and cherish the pristine remains of authentic polymer Magpul PTS goodness while poachers hunt the last few smidgeons of endangered hardware. That is to say, fewer Magpul PTS goods can now be harder to find and if you wish to own a relic of the Magpul PTS era, you cannot afford to wait long.

Magpul PTS's final legacy is the pinnacle of balance between realism, skirmishability, reliability and aesthetic appeal. Their last "HURRAH", tour de force, pierce of the heavens, is the Magpul Professional Training System RM4 Electric Recoil Gun, more concisely referred to by its acronyms as PTS RM4 ERG.

What defines this crowning release is not only its long list of features, which we will get to in a minute, but the near perfect synergy that they achieve and the retention of reliability that is so essential to proclaim quality. Without any need for modification the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG is an AEG that sports not only the usual "Full metal, Fire Select, Adjustable Hop-up, One-Piece Barrel" list of properties, but a plethora of technologically advanced features that pose greater engineering and design challenges to the creation of an airsoft gun.

To begin with, the enhanced firing experience that the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG provides is inherent in the namesake; Electric Recoil Gun. The gearbox is connected to a moderately hefty, spring-loaded weight concealed in the stock tube. This is indirectly connected via a buffered attachment to the piston's movement. The result is that during firing, the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG provides timely impulses, synchronous to the rate of fire of the platform, and comparable in strength to that of a moderate GBB. To put it in simpler terms; simulated recoil.

Another feature that this AEG seemingly inherits from the GBB family sits within the realism category; the ability to detect and cease firing on an empty magazine. The magazines specifically designed for the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG have two features that both make this a possibility, and allow the platform to execute the function cleanly. Firstly the BB follower in the RM4 ERG's Pmags is extended in such a fashion that it feeds the AEG until the very last BB in the magazine is fired. This little attention to detail lets you reload an empty magazine with grace; no messy, left-over, unfed BBs to spill out of the magazine well. The second design element incorporated into the ERG's magazine is the ability to indicate to the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG that the magazine is empty and to cause a break in the firing cycle. Realistically, all that is required to reset the state of the gun is a tap on the bolt-catch, which on a real steel AR platform, would release the bolt carrier forward to chamber a new round from a fresh magazine.

The last of an era, Magpul PTS's tour de force of an airsoft gun.
Magpul accessories are going to be harder and harder to come by.
Much of the innovation is dependent on the magazine's unique design.

If realism was the be all and end all of the airsoft world our sport would be rather restrictive, therefore the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG is adaptable for competitive skirmish requirements too. The magazine retains its realism by being able to limit the capacity to 30 BBs but at a flick of an easily accessible yet concealed switch on the magazine the capacity is doubled to a more skirmishable 60 rounds. Despite being double the realistic capacity of 30 BBs, 60 BBs still only qualifies as a low-cap magazine, or at best a small mid-cap. Therefore the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG is fully capable of feeding from regular AEG magazines if you prefer reliable mid-capacity, wind-able high-capacity or even support-capacity drum magazines. While the bolt-stop, blank fire prevention mechanism is disabled if you do not use the specifically designed magazine, the privilege of choice is still yours to opt for more BBs in the magazine.

This ultimate release from Magpul PTS sets the bar high for the next era of the new AEG, as it manages to combine electric driven reliability and the capacity to skirmish competitively, with many realism features what where previously the realm of GBB platforms and a few select and expensive AEGs. Let us hope that the new era of airsoft holds just as many qualities as the Magpul PTS RM4 ERG.

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