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Ares Cheytac Intervention M200
  • Manufacturer 
  • Model 
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
     8.65 kg
  • Power 
     Gas and Spring
  • Power Source 
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
     Bolt Action
  • Construction 
     Aluminum and ABS


+ Intimidation Factor
+ Full metal construction
+ Realistic Take-Down for storage or transport
+ Both Gas and Spring power source
+ Comes with a good scope
+ Fully adjustable stock
+ AEG type barrel makes for easy upgrading


- Expensive
- Low Power


A massive gun with massive features. Everything that is found on the real M200 is here as well, from realistic take-down, right down to the hidden rear monopod. A true collector's gun that can also be made skirmishable with some upgrading.


Being one of the longest ranged sniper rifles in the world, the Cheytac Intervention M200 LRRS (Long Range Rifle System) is one beast of a gun. Looking like it was made from lead pipes and blocks of steel the design immediately screams ?HEAVY DUTY? to anybody who looks at it. The Massive barrel is over 3cm thick and almost a meter long. Through the extremely heavy barrel comes a specially made .408 Chey Tac bullet with a size that approaches that of the .50 calibre. On the Cheytac Intervention M200, the barrel has a special recoiling mechanism along with a PGRS-1 muzzle brake, said by many to be the most effective muzzle brake in existence. All that to reduce the recoil felt by the user as the gun expels incredible amounts of energy when fired. When it reaches out to touch some unlucky target at proven ranges over 2000 meters away. This gun leaves all that witness it's firepower in awe, and now we have it's replica, Ares' Cheytac Intervention M200.

While the real steel may come in a convenient package along with specialized ballistic tables, a ballistic computer, laser rangefinder and Nightforce NXS scope that together make up the LRRS. Ares generously provides a good 3.5-10x50mm Long Range scope, with readily accessible windage, elevation and focus knobs, and 5 levels of both red and green illumination for extremely low light conditions. This however, is adequate since although the airsoft version of the M200 is hardly going to reach a range of 2 kilometers.

The Ares Cheytac Intervention M200 is one massive gun.
Here's another cool angle of the M200.
The Ares M200 comes with a 3.5-10x50mm scope with easily accessible windage and elevation knobs.

The scope, sits atop two high profile scope mounts (also included) and barely lift up the large scope to clear the receiver. which is one solid block of aluminum. The lines on the receiver are simple yet elegant giving an aggressive look and an idea for the large caliber the real one must contain. The powder coating of paint is pleasant to the touch and the coldness of the metal reassuring in it's density. There is no easy way that this thing is going to break apart, unless it is you dismantling it at the join between the receiver and the barrel.

The receiver and barrel come apart for storage and transportation and is mostly done without tools. It is easily done and can be accomplished in under a minute. Just like the real Cheytac Intervention M200 the procedure is simple. To assemble this rifle, you slot the rear end of the barrel into the front of the receiver and twist, until the realistic locking lugs mesh together and provide a sturdy joint. Then pull the pin at the back of the carry handle and twist it the rest of the way until the handle points vertically downwards. The final step is to tighten the two halves together at the joint with a provided tool, but even this can be tightened most of the way by hand. This process feels just like you are assembling a real rifle and getting ready for the thrill of the kill.

The receiver and barrel can come apart for storage and transportation.
The carry handle/grip is big and comfortable.
Realistic locking lugs on the barrel assembly lock the barrel into place.

Only one piece is missing now: the bolt. Ares provides two bolts and two magazines with their M200. One gas set and one spring set. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but we'll discuss those in a moment. First the bolt must go in. To insert the bolt the process is not as realistic as with putting together the gun but fast nonetheless. The grey release catch on the left of the upper receiver is removed with an allen wrench and the bolt of choice then inserted into the receiver while holding down the trigger. The release catch is then replaced and the bolt is ready to be cycled.

Collectors will appreciate the inclusion of the gas system in the Cheytac for its easier pull and more realistic sound when firing. The gas system does have some disadvantages to it though. After each shot there is a cool-down effect that slightly lowers the power, ruining consistency but thankfully, not by much due to the large gas resovoir. And secondly, much more regular maintenance is required for gas guns to be used reliably and in cold weather the power drops dramatically, limiting the range at which the Cheytac Intervention can be used and making it outranged by even short barreled AEGs. However that is exactly why Ares has included a spring bolt and magazine as well. For practical sniping purposes there is nothing better than a spring system. There is no cool-down effect, so the power is consistent, and it remains the same throughout all four seasons of the year. The pull of the spring is a little harder though and the noise it makes is less realistic (but louder, so in a way, more realistic). For the purposes of sniping, spring is the way to go.

The gas bolt uses a gas-in-mag system.
The spring bolt offers slightly lower power but doesn't require charging of gas.
This catch must be removed to switch out the bolts.

Such a large gun demands some kind of support and the Ares Cheytac Intervention M200 has it in spades. Halfway down the rock solid barrel is a heavy duty bipod, clamped and bolted on, in heavy duty style. With a press of a button, the legs swing down surprisingly smoothly. The legs are thick and they can be extended from 25cm to 35cm. They also feature spring return which is a neat feature. The pads at the end of the legs are solidly welded to the leg shafts and so are the spring return buttons. This bipod is going to last a long time and take incredible abuse to break, just like the rest of the gun.

The stock is adjustable too. It is incredibly solid and held in place by two aluminum rods the size of heavy rebar with 6 notches on it, which translates into six positions of adjustment. The butt pad on the stock has only one word to describe it; massive. It has a massive surface area to spread out the massive recoil produced by the real Cheytac, and yet is still extremely comfortable to shoulder. There is a large knob on the right of the stock and loosening this unlocks the adjustable cheek rest. The cheek rest moves smoothly up and down and has approximately 2cm of adjustment. Perfect for scopes that are mounted excessively high, and also good for low profile scopes when tucked away. Hidden just underneath the cheek rest is a finely adjustable rear monopod for even steadier aiming. Tilting this down and out can be quite stiff at first but quickly gets smooth. That is an amazing amount of adjustable pieces and all the features of the real M200 are here.

The stock has many adjustable features including a rear monopod.
The cheek rest is fully adjustable by 5 cm.
The pads on the bipod are welded strongly onto the legs.

With so many features and both a spring and gas bolt the ARES replica of the Cheytac Intervention is about as realistic as it gets. Authentic construction and a handy take-down function as well as an accurate look makes this a must have for any serious collector of airsoft. Skirmish wise, it needs some work and upgrades until it can be truly used as a sniper rifle. But when it comes down to it, this is one beast of a gun.