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Cautionary Notes Concerning the Systema Revolution Gearbox (2009-03-30)

Systema has recently released this note for all you Systema Revolution Gearbox owners:

The Revolution is unsuitable for sustained full auto firing of a 300rds magazine.

Due to the loading design framework of the Systema Revolution was adapted from the Systema P.T.W. series AEG, minor tuning and dimensional changes were made for the Revolution to be compatible with Tokyo Marui pre-existing chambers and magazines.

The loading mechanism of the Revolution has a unique characteristic, a built-in O-Ring on the piston head helps to support the nozzle and to ensure its smooth function of moving backwards and forwards. Similar to the mechanism within the PTW, disassembling the can be performed smoothly without worries of parts flying out of the cylinder unit. But due to sustained full-auto firing, the O-Ring doesn't have receive enough time to return to its original shape to protect the nozzle and thus ultimately causing the premature failure of the loading mechanism. This anomaly is most noticeable when the Revolution gearbox is ran on a High Speed Motor.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy life for the Systema Revolution Gearbox, please limit sustained firing to no more than approximately 100rds per volley; you will be able to fire again after you've let the O-Ring return to shape after a second of rest.

However, the Revolution Gearbox will respond with precision regardless how many times the trigger has been pulled when firing on single shots.

Replacement parts for your Systema Revolution Gearbox can now be found here at Redwolf Airsoft. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending a mail to: