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Inokatsu to release Gas-Powered M4, with Blowback! (2008-06-11)

We've received some severely saucy news from Inokatsu revealing their next sizzling-hot product - a gas-powered M4, with blowback. Following on from the popular Western Arms M4A1 with blowback, this blowback M4 will provide an additional option for all those who want a gas-powered (airsoft) assault rifle. From what we can see in the photos, it appears that it will come standard fitted with a metal body and if it is anything like their previous products, it will be solid as a rock. We've also been told that it will be possible to use CO2 also, which would be very interesting to see. No word on final pricing yet but expect it to retail for close to USD 1,000. Stay tuned for more updates.