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Airsoft Surgeon Lightweight Super Bolt for WA M4 (2008-05-24)

RedWolf Airsoft is proud to present a new GBB part from Airsoft Surgeon. Airsoft Surgeon is a name connected to the leading edge of the finest parts for gas operated pistols. This time it's not for handguns, but the new superbly popular Western Arms M4A1 CQB-R!

The new Airsoft Surgeon 7075 Lightweight Super Bolt is CNC-machined from aluminum, and is the perfect upgrade for folks looking for better operation of the weapon.

This part is replicated from the stylish VLTOR type bolt carrier. The reduced weight allows the bolt carrier to cycle much faster, which also reduces gas consumption. The light weight does not come at the cost of durability: The 7075 Lightweight Super Bolt is actually stronger than the original part!

Stocks will be available in 4 - 6 weeks.