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Airsoft Innovations - Exclusive Distributor (2008-03-31)

Redwolf Airsoft is the official distributor of Airsoft Innovations products for Hong Kong and the UK, and is authorized to distribute in some parts of Europe. The TORNADO grenade has received lots of praise for its innovation. It's a propane-powered grenade with a 360-degree coverage. Other benefits include a consistent timer with different time settings available as well as no loose parts to lose.

The design is very well engineered with appropriate safety mechanisms built in to avoid accidents. The coverage is pretty astounding, spraying the BBs all around and covering a variety of heights also. In our tests, 5 of us stood around the grenade as it went off and all of us were hit with at least one BB. Charging and loading the grenade was very easy, and there were no parts to recover after detonation. The rugged construction means that the grenade can be thrown repeatedly many times onto even concrete ground without any worry of damage.

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The folks at Airsoft Innovations are releasing a 2nd version of the Tornado, this time with a spoon system; allowing you to determine exactly when you'd like to detonate the grenade. What?s more there will also be an option to turn your AI Tornado into a distraction device. By inserting a burst ring with several layers of burst disks into the base of the Tornado, and removing the over-pressure safety plug, the AI Tornado grenade is now a Distraction device. Perfect for setting up traps and ambushes the new AI Tornado will most definitely be a "HIT"!

Coming soon: Airsoft Innovations Spoon Kit, Distraction Device & 3 more colors!

Here are some videos of the TORNADO grenade: