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Redwolf Airsoft UK - Exclusive VFC Distributor for UK & Europe (2007-08-27)

Redwolf Airsoft UK are proud to have been appointed the Exclusive Distributors of VFC products for UK & Europe. VFC are renowned for their superb airsoft products, with a reputation for a high quality look and feel. With numerous AEG replicas of real-steel guns already under their belt, such as the AKS74UN and HK416, they have already shown us all what they are capable of. It has to be noted that their guns are beautifully made and their up-and-coming FN SCAR guns are no exception - they have been causing a bit of a commotion amongst airsofters and is penned for release this Summer. Take a look at some of the pics below:

For any inquiries about distribution of VFC products in the UK or Europe, please contact:

RedWolf Airsoft UK
Unit 3, Northway Gate
Gloucestershire, GL20 8JP
United Kingdom

Visit by appointment only since office hours vary. Please call ahead. Dealers only!
Telephone: +44 01684 273070
Fax: +44 1242 260578

Some more photos of VFC products:


Official VFC Website