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Airsoft Surgeon - M870 Slugshot & Super Magnum 6mm Shell for Tanaka M870 (2007-03-24)

The M870 Slugshot Shotgun is finally here, and is as fantastic as we thought it will be. Order yours now for a CL-customised shotgun with a difference! It comes with 5x slug shells and is a fantastic piece of craftmanship. Additional "slugs" will be available for sale shortly. Performance is incredible with very high fire-power. We do not recommend shooting your friends at close range!

In response to the popularity of the Tanaka M870 shotgun, Airsoft Surgeon has innovated something completely new - a custom engineered slug-shot shell that is capable of taking red gas to fire out a single rubber slug with amazing performance. This shotgun was custom designed for US Navy training, which currently uses the Airsoft Surgeon slugshot for CQB training. The Tanaka shotgun's design (found both in the M870 and the Trenchgun) use a firing pin just like the real shotgun. Gas is charged into the shell.

Tanaka's factory shells are designed to expel their full charge of gas in about 6 shots. Airsoft Surgeon's shell (completely different design and uses none of the parts from Tanaka's stock shells) acts much like a miniature Madbull or Mosquito Molds shell to expel the entire volume of charged gas in one shot to propel the slug out. The result is amazing performance that drives the rubber slug through both sides of the box as shown in the video. Note the shotgun used for the slug shot must be modified by Airsoft Surgeon!

Tests have yielded very high performance, which finally gives shotguns a place in the airsoft skirmish world as a weapon to be feared! Of course, the huge bang and cloud of smoke that comes from Airsoft Surgeon's shells also create a much more realistic shotgun experience! We have been testing the M870 Slugshot along with the Airsoft Surgeon Slugshot shells, and we were quite simply blown away by the performance of both. It is such a pleasing performer, with good power and great range. We tested it with a target approximately 20 metres away. The trajectory of the slug is very straight and accurate, eventually hitting the cardboard box target, penetrating both the front and back of the box, then it hit the wall behind and rebounded back to penetrate the rear of the box again! You can see it in our video below!!

We are now taking custom orders for the Airsoft Surgeon M870 Slugshot Shotgun, we have the standard length version as well as the 18 inch version, click the links below to PRE-ORDER NOW:

PRE-ORDER - Airsoft Surgeon M870 Slugshot

PRE-ORDER - Airsoft Surgeon M870 Slugshot 18 inch

Take a look at the NEW video below of the finalised product. This is what you will be getting!!! Take a look below for simply awesome performance.

NEW video of the final product:

These two videos are of the prototype Slugshot shells:

Airsoft Surgeon have also created the Super Magnum 6mm Shell also, which comes in a boxed set of 5 hand-customised shells. Each shell is modified by Clarence Lai, and provides more potential for high performance. As a result of the modifications, the shells are good for 450fps with Green Gas, and the shells can be used with HFC134a, Green and Red gas. The shells are completely compatible with all the Tanaka M870's and gives you superb performance instantly! Available now!!

BUY - Airsoft Surgeon Super Magnum 6mm Shells (5pcs)

Take a look at this video to see the awesome performance: