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Hero Arms releases MK46 AEG! (2006-07-14)

Venturing beyond just making high quality auto-winding magazines, Hero Arms is about to release their first complete AEG (Hero Arms designers were originally custom gun-smiths!). This new MK46 has been sought after by many airsoft enthusiasts and we've received countless requests from players in the past to convince a manufacturer to build one. Well, we're glad that Hero Arms listened.

This new MK46 sports a STAR type mechbox that is capable of delivering 400fps - 500fps of power. However, Hero Arms will tune down the power on the final production version to about 350fps to keep the gun reliable and within game limits of most fields. Players can opt to upgrade the power as needed. The entire gun is built from high grade (light weight) aluminum. The gun is fed by a synchronized auto-winding box magazine that is mounted to the underside of the gun. Pull the trigger and the magazine winds automatically so you don't have to stop! The battery is concealed in the foregrip for a clean and tidy look. A rail on the top cover allows you to install a scope of your choice for more precise aiming. The full metal extendable stock is sturdy and easy to pull out and lock and in place.

In our in-house tests of this prototype, the gun fired flawlessly and very rapidly, pumping out about 15 rounds a second to completely destroy our cardboard target. Accuracy is quite good too! Without a semi-auto switch, this gun only works in full auto, and those with nimble fingers can work the trigger quickly enough to fire off one or two rounds at a time. The gun is also surprising light given that it is completely metal, which will appeal to players who plan to take this gun out for a day of skirmishing. But while it's relatively light for it's size, you'll still need some big muscles and endurance to lug this beast around for a full day. Sure you'll be tired, but who cares? You'll cast envy on all those around you for this limited edition masterpiece, which will only amount to 100 units worldwide.

And for those of you who frown upon the small caliber 5.56mm MK46, Hero Arms may consider making the 7.62mm MK48 for those die-hard enthusiasts who just yearn to have the biggest and most powerful heavy machine gun used by today's elite military forces!

Retail pricing for this beauty has not been set yet, but Hero Arms hinted that it will be in line with STAR's 100% plastic M249. That sounds like a steal to us!

Please check the detailed pictures below for more closeups!