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Tokyo Marui M14 series PRE-ORDER (2005-06-21)

Exciting new Tokyo Marui M14 AEG rifle is finally making it to stores in July! Rumored to have been in the works for the past 2 years at Tokyo Marui, the M14 was reportedly nearly abandoned due to high manufacturing costs. The key argument from the finance department was that the high costs of manufacturing the parts and body components would be hard to justify since the M14 has limited variants (unlike the M16 and MP5, where a single body style could be used to make many different variants). Fortunately, Marui's company enthusiasts finally won over the accountants, which is the only reason why we will finally be able to purchase one!

The M14 will be available in (i) imitation wood, and (ii) textured fiber type olive drab finishing. Aside from the stock's finishing, the two versions are identical in all other aspects. The new M14 utilizes a brand new Version 7 gearbox which is powered by an EG1000 motor. Abundant metal parts on the rifle include removeable trigger assembly (just like on the real steel!), removeable 70 round magazine, barrel with 14mm counterclockwise threaded flash-hider, cocking lever, range and windage adjustable rear sight. The large type battery is stored in the stock and hidden behind a metal butt cover with shoulder support. Adjustable hop-up is accessible by pulling back on the charging lever. Weighing in at 3.85 Kg, this is a heavy rifle. Fires 6mm BBs and delivers approximately 280fps of power. Fires in semi and full auto mode (12-14 rounds per second). Options will surely include a soon-to-be-released scope mount and high-capacity magazine.

Tokyo Marui has communicated that will be ready to release by middle of August 2005. The initial run will be very limited in quantity worldwide so pre-order yours now.

Marui Hi-cap 440rd M14 magazine is also accepted pre-order now, buy one now.