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KWC Mini UZI (CO2 Version) (2005-03-14)

This mini-UZI offers strong blowback for a very realistic feel!. Powered by a CO2 powerlet, this gas blowback SMG delivers amazing power at over 450fps of power and an amazing kick that is rare in an airsoft gun. Holding this SMG in your hands, it can easily be mistaken for the real thing because of its full metal body, heavy weight (3.2Kg!), and stiff bolt. Cocking this gun requires a good pull just like a real steel gun. Stiff metal folding stock provides a stable firing platform. Removeable magazine holds 39 rounds and the CO2 powerlet internally. Functional metal grip safety avoids accidental discharge. Adjustable front and rear sights. The entire gun is beautifully machined with selected steel parts that makes the gun feel very real. Firing the gun makes a highly metallic sound as the bolt slams forward against the loading chamber! Practically full metal with rugged ABS foregrip and grip. Fully licensed IMI trademarks as found on the real gun for worldwide use (except USA). This official export version comes with an English manual.

Note that as an authorized distributor for KWC, we carry the official export version of this KWC mini-Uzi - which is improved upon earlier versions of the Taiwan-market version seen on the internet. The earlier version used CO2 gas rather inefficiently to deliver limited number of rounds from a single powerlet. This export version has been tuned to be much more useable.

Many mini-Uzi lovers may have seen dummy, non-shooting versions, or cap powered versions in the past from Japanese manufacturers like Kokusai and Maruzen. This mini-Uzi by KWC is, in our opinion, the best rendition of this beautiful gun to date. Compared to highly realistic full metal dummy guns from leading replica manufacturers, this KWC mini-Uzi still wins hands down in realism and feel. At 3.2 Kg, it is almost as heavy and solid as the real thing! (You actually can't hold it out for too long without your arms getting tired). And the fact that it actually shoots BB's simply puts this gun's realism and authenticity several notches above any other airsoft replica to date!

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