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Bite The Bullet

In The Name of Creativity (2007-07-27)

Edison, Benz, Crapper. These are just some of the names of the greatest inventors of the 20th Century. Recently, some of the Redwolf team have been busy creating something...erm...special. It's not quite Crapper by name, merely by nature. We're not sure what our genius inventor was thinking, but he probably had the film "Peeping Tom" in mind.

Look at those optics - phwoaar! Good for head shots.

This creation comprises of optics from two different markets, combining the latest Red/Green Dot Scope from King Arms with the excellent glass from Nikon. The idea is very simple, it makes photo-taking more masculine, less pervy; feel the hairs growing on your chest, as you pretend to be a sniper, looking through the optics, targeting your prey with the Red/Green Dot, and letting rip with a head-shot. Once you've configured the sight, and zeroed the Reticle, you can be assured that what you're aiming at will be shot with maximum precision, providing you with confidence to snap away at 3fps (Nikon D70). You can hold the sight around 10cm from your face, and the approximate field-of-view you see through the sight is equivilent to the 70mm focal length.

Getting Tactical. Dressed like the T1000

The best thing about it is that it will fit to any standard flashmount hot shoe and requires absolutely no taste at all to fit one on. It works best with an SLR with a 70mm focal length lens. The King Arms Muit Multi Red/Green Dot Scope is available for purchase right now, click the pic below to buy!