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Bite The Bullet

Tokyo Marui's Blooper (2005-02-07)

Tokyo Marui P90
We have received many inquiries as to why the Tokyo Marui P90 AEG has been out of stock for such an extended period of time. While we cannot confirm the rumor, we have heard from reliable sources that Tokyo Marui had a manufacturing accident which damaged the mold for the red-dot scope housing on their P90 AEG. As a result, they are currently unable to manufacture the P90 model until they can make a new mold. We have no word on when this will happen but most industry insiders speculate sometime in the middle or late 2005 would be realistic, given the time it takes to finesse a new mold.

Tokyo Marui MP5 RAS
Following that unfortunate incident, we have received intel that the Japanese scope lens manufacturer for Marui's MP5 RAS rifle has gone out of business. As such, Marui has halted the production of the MP5 RAS until it can source another high quality lens supplier. We also hope that production will resume sometime later this year.