The John Wick franchise is known for its high-octane action sequences and its realistic portrayal of firearms. The guns used in the movies are not just props, but carefully selected pieces of weaponry that complement the fighting style of the protagonist. Or as I like to call it John Wick Gun Porn or gun-fu as the franchise is now be labeled as. With the Release of John Wick: Chapter 4 it is expected that airsoft enthusiasts and fans of the franchise alike will be seeking to obtain replicas of the John Wick guns. In this blog, we will delve into the history of the real firearms and go over the airsoft versions of some of the most popular John Wick guns and their roles in the movies.

Just a quick disclaimer. If you have not watched the John Wick franchise then there may be some spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

Kimber Warrior 1911

“7 Million dollars, gets you 7 rounds.”

In the John Wick franchise, the Kimber Warrior 1911 is not only a classic pistol but also a significant symbol of John Wick Himself. In the second film, John seeks out the Bowery King, who provides him with a Kimber Warrior 1911 as a symbol of his continued loyalty but only supplies him with 7 rounds. Later john uses that Kimber 1911 to try take down Santino D'Antonio.

The VFC 1911 is a popular airsoft replica of the Kimber Warrior 1911, known for its high-quality construction and realistic design. The VFC 1911 features a full metal construction and a blowback action, providing a realistic shooting experience for airsoft enthusiasts. Additionally, the VFC 1911 includes a full set of Kimber trademarks, including the iconic logo and serial number, adding to the overall authenticity of the replica. With its attention to detail and solid performance, the VFC 1911 is a top choice for airsoft players looking to replicate John Wick's iconic 7 round pistol.

TTi Pit Viper

One of the most recent sought-after airsoft versions of the John Wick guns is the TTi Pit Viper. The TTi Pit Viper pistol made its debut in John Wick: Chapter 4, where it was given to John wick by the bowery king, who says he “got it from a guy, who knows a guy, that shot a guy”. The TTi Pit Viper is then used in the lead up to the final fight on the streets of Paris. The Pit Viper is a custom 2011 Pistol designed by Taran Tactical Innovations (TTi), a company founded by Taran Butler, a world champion shooter and firearms instructor who also trained Keanu Reeves for the John Wick films. The Pit Viper is made of high-quality materials and has a unique look with its serrated slide and magwell. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it an ideal weapon for close-quarters combat.

The airsoft version of the TTI Pit Viper is produced by Army Armament. It is a faithful reproduction of the original pistol and features a metal slide, an adjustable rear sight, and a polymer frame that is hand stippled, for when your hand get… “Wet”. The TTI  Pit Viper also includes a fiber optic front sight, blacked out rear sights, a flared magwell, extended mag release and an absolute beast of a compensator. As well as being fully licensed By TTI (Taran Tactical Innovations). The airsoft version is also compatible with most Hi Capa holsters and magazines, which makes it a popular choice for airsoft players and collectors alike. The TTI Pit Vipers are selling out fast so be sure to get one quick before they are all gone.

TTi Glock 34

The TTi Glock 34 is another popular John Wick gun, used by the character in the second and third movies of the franchise. The Glock 34 is a competition pistol designed for speed and accuracy, and the TTi version takes it to the next level with its custom modifications. The TTi Glock 34 has a magwell extension, a fiber optic front sight, and an extended slide stop and magazine release. In the second John Wick movie, the TTI Glock 34 is John's primary weapon, and he uses it in a variety of action sequences, including the infamous catacomb scene. The Glock 34 also makes an appearance in the third movie during the Continental Hotel fight scene.

The airsoft version of the TTi Glock 34 is slide kits produced for VFC and the Tokyo Marui line of airsoft Glocks, These airsoft versions both features a full-metal slide, as well as all the correct marking to match the real TTI Glock 34. Also depending on what Slide kit you get it can come with an RMR cut slide allowing you to add optics. It is also compatible with most Glock holsters, which makes it a versatile airsoft gun for both indoor and outdoor games.

TTi STI 2011 Combat Master

The TTI STI 2011 Combat Master is first introduced in "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum,"  in the fight scene at the Continental Hotel, where Wick faces off against numerous enemies armed with various weapons. The Combat Master proves to be a reliable and deadly tool in Wick's hands, as he dispatches the high table soldiers with ease. The pistol's accuracy and speed are put on full display as Wick effortlessly takes out his attackers. The TTI Combat Master, also known as the STI 2011 Combat Master, is an iconic firearm used by John Wick in the franchise. It is a custom-built pistol designed by Taran Butler. The pistol is based on the STI 2011 platform, which is a hybrid of the classic 1911 and the modern polymer-framed handguns. The Combat Master features a fluted barrel, slide lightening cuts, and fiber-optic front sight, among other customization

The airsoft version of the TTi 2011 Combat Master is produced by EMG, a collaboration between the airsoft manufacturer G&P and EMG . The airsoft version features a full-metal slide and frame, as well as custom slide cuts and serrations. It also has a fiber optic front sight and an extended magazine release, as well as all the correct TTI markings

Kel-Tec KSG

The KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun) is a popular shotgun model used in the first John Wick movie. In the film, John uses the KSG Shotgun to devastating effect against his enemies. The KSG shotgun is a unique shotgun with a dual magazine tube design, allowing for quick and easy reloads. It also features a compact and lightweight bullpup design, making it a popular choice for close quarters combat.

In the airsoft world, the Tokyo Marui KSG is a highly sought-after replica of the KSG shotgun used in the movie. The Tokyo Marui version closely replicates the real-world counterpart, featuring a dual magazine tube design, a compact and lightweight bullpup design, a pump-action mechanism and is gas operated. However, unlike the real steel version one of the tubes on the Tokyo Marui KSG isn’t utilized as it’s just a dummy storage slot that is non functional. The Tokyo Marui KSG shotgun also has 3 inner barrels, each equipped with a fixed hop-up, allowing for increased accuracy and range. Each shell contains 30 BBs and the user can choose to shoot 3 or 6 BBs in a single shot. The Tokyo Marui KSG shotgun is a great option for airsoft players looking to replicate John Wick's iconic shotgun in their games.


In the third installment of the John Wick franchise, "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum," Wick once again utilizes the MPX in his fight against the High Table. The most memorable scene involving the MPX is when Wick is on the run and seeks refuge in the Continental Hotel. Armed with the upgraded TTI MPX, he faces off against multiple assassins sent to kill him, showcasing the gun's versatility and effectiveness in close-quarters combat.

For airsoft enthusiasts looking to channel their inner John Wick, the VFC MPX offers a high-quality replica of the real-life firearm. With a full metal construction and realistic weight, the VFC MPX is a reliable and durable option for players. It also features an adjustable hop-up system and a semi-auto firing mode, allowing for precise shots and controlled bursts. The VFC MPX comes with a 100-round magazine. There is also a lot of 3rd party upgrades for the MPX, making it easy to find replacements, or extra parts. Overall, the VFC MPX is an excellent choice for players looking to replicate John Wick's iconic weapon of choice.

In Conclusion

Aside from the Mentioned guns above John Wick uses a variety of other firearms throughout the franchise. In the first movie, he uses a Heckler & Koch P30L and a SIG-Sauer P226. In "John Wick: Chapter 2," he also uses a Benelli M4 shotgun . These firearms are not as prominently featured guns, but they still play a crucial role in the action-packed scenes of the franchise. Sadly some of the guns in the movie don’t have airsoft versions yet, so we can only dream for now. Although if you really do want to live out your john wick shotgun fantasies then the APS CAM 870 SAI MK III or the maruzen M1100 might be the shotguns for you. As they allows for some cool realistic reloads and with some custom work they can look very much in the style of John Wick.

The airsoft versions of the John Wick guns are highly sought after by fans of the franchise and airsoft enthusiasts alike. The TTI Pit Viper, TTI Glock 34, and Combat Master are three of the most iconic firearms used by John Wick, and their airsoft versions are faithful replicas that capture the essence of the originals. From the Pit Viper's sleek design to the Combat Master's customizations, these firearms are not only visually striking but also reliable and deadly in the hands of skilled airsoft players. As the franchise continues with "John Wick 4" and beyond, it will be exciting to see what new firearms will be added to John Wick's arsenal and how they will be recreated in the world of airsoft.