RedWolf Airsoft has been providing all kinds of airsoft products as gifts globally since 1998, so anything airsoft-related inquiries, we are certainly no stranger to it. However, if you are having a hard time coming up with ideas to find a gift for someone that plays airsoft?? Furthermore, what if you want to get him/ her an airsoft Christmas gift? Here are our top airsoft gift ideas for you!

First, allow us to explain to you briefly what airsoft is. Imagine a first-person shooter game, but with a bit more moving and running involved. Airsoft is almost like paintball, but with more realistic-looking equipment.

What would be a good gift idea for people that play airsoft?

When possible, always try to contact the recipient's airsoft friends (reliable ones) to find out what does the recipient want. Usually his/ her friend will provide some pretty unique and personalized airsoft gift ideas. However, if you are unable to obtain any information on what airsoft Christmas gifts to get, here are our 12 airsoft Christmas gift ideas that will appeal to most airsofters.

Our Airsoft Gift Ideas

Patches As Gifts

There's something magical in the shooting community (both firearms and airsoft) where everyone just loves patches. Patch designs range from a simple company logo to humorous designs, so there are bound to be some that will cater to your recipient.

There are 2 main types of patches: embroidered and PVC patches. Embroidered patches are fabric woven. They are usually cheaper, but the graphics are 1 dimensioned (flat not textured) and can fray over time. PVC patches are made with silicon. Since it requires a mold to develop them, the price is generally more expensive, but the details and texture are generally better than embroidered ones.

Find out the things that the recipient likes and add the word "patch" on a Google search and you should be able to find some quickly! For example, if you know the recipient is a huge fan of a specific firearm brand, simply go to their website and purchase their patches and that is already a very memorable airsoft gift.

Laser Cut Custom Patch

If you have the time to prepare, you can even source a company online that offers to customize patches and make a patch that is laser cut with the recipient's name or call sign. Making this a one-of-a-kind Christmas airsoft gift idea with a personal touch on it.

Airsoft BBs As Gifts

BBs, short for ball bearings, are essential for the airsoft sport. They are the ammo used for all airsoft guns. BBs generally are made out of plastic and 6mm in diameter; most of them are white and comes in various weights. Picking the right BBs can get tricky since there are a lot of brands and every intermediate to advance airsofters have their preferred BB weight. Though the industry standard is 0.2g BBs, we suggest you get BBs that are 0.25g or heavier.

In short, the heavier the BB, the less likely the trajectory will be affected by wind and air resistance. So for sniper/ long-range shots, it is better to use heavier weight BBs; but with heavier weight, the more expensive the BBs can be. So in general, 0.2g - 0.28g BBs are mostly used for airsoft grenades and indoor games; where 0.3g or above are more for outdoor games and long-range shots.

Another thing you should pay attention to is whether the airsoft gun is picky with BBs. Certain airsoft guns are tuned precisely so they will need well-made and high-quality BBs to run. Therefore when choosing brands, it is best to choose reputable brands. We recommend the BBs made by RWA, they are made with ABS plastic that guarantees it not deforms or shatter easily. Their tight QC ensures roundness for each BB. Their BBs quality is so reliable, it was chosen as the official BB for the IPSC Action Air World Shoot (the world's first global airsoft IPSC competition).

Action Air IPSC Shooter In Action

In some rare cases, certain airsoft guns run on 8mm BBs. They are a lot less common and larger in size. Though unlikely, best to find out what BB the recipient's airsoft gun uses.

Airsoft Green Gas Or Co2 Capsules As Gifts

Similar to BBs, Gas and Co2 are both consumables for airsofters. As long as they have any gas-powered airsoft guns, they will always require Green Gas and/ or Co2 capsules. Though you can use any form of propane gas to power a gas-powered airsoft gun, the gas must have a certain level of lubricity for the gun to last long. We suggest you check out the gas and Co2 made by RWA as their Green Gas have the perfect balance of gas pressure and lubricant in the formula. The RWA gas was also chosen to be the official Green Gas used for the IPSC Action Air World Shoot as well.

The Co2 capsules are quite similar to any 12g Co2 capsules you find in the market; the main difference is the consistency in the final product. Other brands Co2 could have dud (empty, non-working) capsules mixed within them by accident; some even have inconsistent capsule size. resulting in the Co2 capsule unable to fit into the airsoft gun. So when buying extra Co2 capsules, be sure to keep an eye out for these potential defects.

RWA Airsoft Surgeon Co2

Batteries are crucial for airsoft electric guns (AEGs), without them the AEG will not run. Batteries are very straight forward, you only need to be aware of 4 things: Does the recipient have the right charger? Is the voltage right? Does it fit into the airsoft gun? What type of plug does it use?

There are many types of battery but the most popular kind is Lithium Polymer, LiPo for short, for its power output and how small the battery can get. However, the drawback of LiPo is it needs to be half charged for storage, and fully charged before use. Completely depleting it and not charging it back could kill the battery, and improper handling it will cause the LiPo battery to puff up; therefore battery maintenance could get tedious. With all modern-day AEGs, they can all handle 11.1v batteries, very little require a 7.4v battery.

Batteries for Airsoft AEG As Gifts

Lately, there is a newcomer to the battery market is Lithium-Ion Battery, Li-Ion for short. Lithium-Ion batteries deliver the same output as Li-Po but without the need to carefully maintain a charge for storage. Li-Ion will not puff, and you can store the battery from 0% to 100% charge. However, the drawback of this battery is its size. Due to the nature of the cell, the battery needs to either be in a certain length or a certain size; as a result, it may not fit certain airsoft guns. However, if you do decide to get a Li-Ion battery, among all the brands we've experienced, Titan Power is by far the most reliable and best-performing one that comes with a 1-year warranty.

Thankfully, both Li-Po and Li-Ion uses the same charger. Just make sure you get a balance charger (if the recipient doesn't already have one) that fits your country's power socket.

Last but not least is the plug type. There are 2 most popular types: Tamiya and Deans (T-Plugs). Japan manufactured airsoft guns usually come pre-installed with older Tamiya plugs. So when picking batteries, make sure to find out what the plug type is before purchasing. However, if you, unfortunately, purchased the wrong plug type battery; don't worry, you can still take the battery to any airsoft tech and change out the plug at a small price.

Deans/ T Plug
Tamiya Plug

Tactical Gloves As Gifts

Contrary to what the public believes, gloves are actually consumables as well. Depending on how frequently the wearer uses it and the condition the gloves need to go through; tactical gloves are meant to be worn to destruction, then discarded and replaced. Tactical gloves serve as a layer of protection to the hands from BB shots and the environment of the airsoft fields. Out of all the gloves that we carry, we find that Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) gloves offer the best balance between tactile dexterity and protection to the wearer.

Airsoft Grenade As Gift

Airsoft grenade isn’t essential to the gameplay, but it is always a fun add-on to the whole airsoft experience. There are airsoft grenades that expel BBs in all directions, and some just act as a sound grenade. Depending on the game rules, some may or may not be allowed to be used on the field (this is a very unlikely case for grenades that expels BBs). Among all the airsoft grenades that we carry, the brand Airsoft Innovations is the most popular as it offers both BBs and sound grenades, they even have grenades that delay release so advance airsofter can time their throw.

Airsoft Chronograph As Gift

Chronograph or chrono for short is a very important yet always overlooked tool. What it does is it detects the airsoft gun's rate of fire, feet per second (FPS) when a shot is fired, and an estimate of power each shot is generated (joule). Whenever an airsofter tweaks or troubleshoots an airsoft gun's problem, this is probably the first thing one should use to check. If the recipient does not own a chronograph, this certainly will be good airsoft Christmas gift idea.

A Mini Vacuum As A Gift For Airsofter

A small vacuum may sound like a standard household item, but it can most certainly help out on multiple occasions. Sometimes, people may accidentally spill or drop some (sometimes a full bag) BBs in weird places that are hard to reach, especially when the airsofter need to travel far to attend a large event where in some cases player will need to reload, eat, or even camp in their car prior/ during the event. If so, the vacuum can be extremely helpful in cleaning out hidden BBs and residual food in tight spaces like a car.

Portable vacuum for cars

Airsoft Retail Shop Gift Cards

Retail shop gift cards are probably the simplest yet most effective gift you can give to an airsofter. No one knows what the recipient wants better than themselves, so when in doubt, you can buy these as a Christmas gift for the airsofter so they can pick out what they wish to buy. The ones from our online store come in 3 different price points: $50, $100, and $200 so you can mix and match your ideal amount for your recipient.

Survival Tools Or Gifts

Since some airsoft games could last over 24 hours, sometimes camping gear/ survival tools could come in handy. When you aren't sure if the recipient owns any camping equipment, something small like a handheld flashlight or a paracord bracelet would be very useful for the airsofter.

Firearms Company Merchandises As Gifts

9 out of 10 airsofters are firearms lovers, and chances are they have a preferred firearm company that they are fond of. If you can find out the firearm brand that he/ she is particularly fond of, simply getting that company's merchandise like T-shirt, caps, patches, and/or mouse pad would surely be a memorable airsoft Christmas gift.

Final Remarks

Hope you find our top airsoft Christmas gift ideas helpful. If you need more ideas, you can always head over to our online store to browse around and see if anything else sparks interest. Hope you enjoy this read.