There are many steps one takes before you ask 'Where Can I Play Airsoft?'. First, you've scoured the RedWolf Airsoft website for days drooling over the vast array of airsoft guns offered. Second, you have managed to narrow it down to just two options. The Krytac Kriss Vector AEG is a fantastic option for close quarters due to its length and maneuverability. Unfortunately, due to the lack of barrel length, it won't do too well in terms of long-range.

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The other option is the VFC SIG AIR MCX Virtus. It is a little heavier but the weight only adds to the realism and offers you a large variety of aftermarket parts due to the Version 2 gearbox. Unfortunately, you see the battery in the handguard and any sense of realism just plummets.

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You choose the Kriss Vector because it is far more unique and can always make up for the range but adding a new, longer inner barrel. You've also covered it up by sliding a mock suppressor over the inner barrel. Pat yourself on the back because that is in fact a very clever idea.

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You have also managed to get a hold of enough BBs, magazines, and batteries to last you till the end of time. Even the protective gear wasn't that hard to acquire due to how affordable they are. You have your own durable trousers, shoes, and top but you can always look at some tactical pants and shirts at a later date.

So you've finally managed to get this far. What now?

Where Can I Play Airsoft?

There are only two methods you need to use when trying to find a place to play Airsoft. One is Google, everyone's initial thought as it can pinpoint places to play. The other is Facebook where other airsoft enthusiasts can point you in the right direction.

Google is your best friend!

Where can I play airsoft? Find out where to play airsoft using their search engine

Google can give you an exact indication as to where to play. We all have google maps to thank if you aren't sure as to how to get to the local field. No matter where you are in the world, if you managed to purchase a replica at a store, it's very likely a field is around.

All you need to type into google is 'Airsoft near me'. Shops and fields will pop up and you can narrow your search to the fields instead. I should warn you that a lot of fields are known to have 'paintball' in the name. Such as Panther Paintball up here in British Columbia, Canada. However, their primary focus is on Airsoft.

Oh look! This is where I can play Airsoft in Vancouver!

Each field will have a rating system as everyone loves to have an opinion about how well or terrible the field is. However, I would recommend not looking at the rating system and ask others through Facebook.


One of the best things about Airsoft is the community and how amazingly helpful they are. If there is one thing I know, it's that there frequent players who love to share their thoughts on where to go and why. It's also a great way to meet likeminded people if you're ever worried about going by yourself.

In the Facebook search engine, type in Airsoft and then click on groups. For example, if you're in the UK, you will come up with Pages like UK Airsoft Community 2.0. They have 10,000 members ready and willing to share all the information you ask for. You will learn what others own as replicas, gear and they will always answer if you ask where they purchased it.

A fantastic UK forum that can help you find out where to play airsoft

Always Ask Questions!

To give you an idea of what to do next. I made a post about where one can go to play Airsoft. "I'm brand new to airsoft. I've recently acquired my first ever airsoft gun, a CYMA, but I'm not sure where to play. I live in a town called Selby between Hull and Leeds. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers!"

Where can I play Airsoft?

Because You Will Always Get Answers!

Answers will vary but you will most likely get the ones that actually help you out. For instance:

The community will always show you where to play Airsoft!

As you can tell, there are quite a few fantastic answers. No matter where you live, you are bound to have a fellow Airsofter live either close to you or in your local town. Daniel points out FMA Fear Masters Airsoft and a quick google search will bring you to their webpage. This will tell you where the are and how much it costs for entry.

Hopefully, someone else will provide you with a link like Anthony did. Again, google can help you find out exactly where it is and their costs for entry and rentals if need be. Oh, how I love the community!

Can I Play Airsoft at a Park?

As tempting as it is to play here. Don't! I know, look at the open space to roam and play! Still, don't play airsoft here.

There are quite a few answers I can give here but it all depends on the type of park in question. Can I play airsoft at a public park? No! Can I play airsoft at a country park? Definitely not!

The reason being is that you're bound to bump into families, joggers dog walkers, and other wildlife. In Canada, you could run into deer, bears, and even worse, cougars. And not the fun kind.

They say you only ever see one once they're about to attack their prey. Prey being you!

It's always best to stay away from parks as brandishing an Airsoft gun there could get you into serious trouble with local law enforcement. You could be taken in or worse, have your replica taken from you. Actually, being taken into custody could be worse but I guess it depends on your point of view on the matter.

Can you play airsoft in your backyard? I would veto the idea only because one stray BB could either cause harm to someone's eye or damage their property. It all circles back to dealing with local law enforcement and they don't take airsoft lightly.

Stick to a local field as they help explain the rules and regulations when it comes to playing airsoft at their field. You won't get into trouble that way.

Looking for a place to play Airsoft in Vancouver, Canada? Check out Panther Paintball!

Final Remarks

Safety is the number one concern regarding airsoft. Local fields should be the only place where can gear up and happily shoot their friends without repercussion, so long as it's in-game.

It really is that easy when it comes to where you can play airsoft. Facebook and Google are your best options. Friendly folk on Facebook can guide you in the direction and Google and Google maps can literally show you where to drive.

It is the best way to find like-minded people. Who knows? Maybe you can carpool with someone. That way, you don't have to drive and they can show you the works beforehand.

Just know that we, RedWolf Airsoft, always have your back.

RedWolf Airsoft always has your 6!