What To Look for In An AEG Airsoft Gun

The most common skirmish-worthy airsoft guns among airsofters. These AEG airsoft guns are for infantry, assault, defense, and support. What to look for is the one you personally like, as there are a plethora of different styles to choose from.

How Does a AEG Airsoft Gun Work?

Cross section of an AEG gearbox.

AEG airsoft guns powered by NiMh or LiPo batteries make them very cost-effective compared to gas. This battery powers up a piston inside which propels the BB through a hop up via the inner barrel. The voltage type of the battery (7.4V / 11.1V) will affect its rate of fire so do consider using an 11.1V if you want laser beams spewing out!

But in order to understand how these various internal parts affect each other's performance, we have to understand how it actually operates. Every trigger pull, there are three types of energy in action. They are electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic. 

Electrical energy, the battery delivers this through an electrical circuit into the motor. Mechanical energy is to do with the position and motion of an object. It's responsible for the motor moving parts inside the gearbox such as gears and the piston.

What is pneumatic energy? This energy relates to the power-related by the pressurized air pushing the BB out. To blast out a BB, a piston is launched through a cylinder to squeeze the air out of the nozzle.

Inside a gearbox.

Nowadays all contemporary electric airsoft guns use a mechanical system inside, it's the gearbox that contains three gears and a motor that allows the transfer of electrical energy into mechanical energy. It's a simple process that begins with a trigger pull, then the trigger contacts close thus completing the electric circuit from battery to motor. After the motor draws enough energy it will begin spinning and engage the first (bevel) gear. The bevel gear blocked by an anti-reversal latch, so they dont reverse under operation. This bevel gear then engages with the second (spur) gear, which subsequently engages the third (sector) gear.

Once the sector gear makes contact with the piston, it pulls it back in order to compress the spring. Meanwhile, a tiny nub on the sector gear drags the tappet plate back which consequently also retracts the air nozzle towards the cylinder. With this motion set, it allows the next BB to feed up into the hop-up chamber. The tappet plate will return to its original position which then chambers the BB. With the piston released by the sector gear, a spring shoots back launching the piston through a cylinder to force pressured air out. The should be BB flying out at the end of the barrel, leaving a smile on your face. The mechanical energy then becomes pneumatic energy.

AEG vs. GBB: Which Type Is Better

AEG Airsoft Starter Kit.

Both types are good it depends on what you are after. If your after realism and play mil-sim games then GBB would be a better choice. Most GBB can be taken down just like the real counterpart and recoil from the slide/bolt! It is not very cost-effective though as you'll always need to purchase more green gas to play. The magazines have a small round capacity compared to the AEG variant.

AEG may lack blowback action but provides optimal gaming performance without any upgrades. As well as being powered by batteries it's better value for money compared to green gas. Most AEG has a much higher round capacity, averaging between 100 to 300. At the end of the day, it's down to personal preference for which one you prefer.

Best Upgrades and Accessories for Your AEG Airsoft Gun

The best upgrades and accessories are the ones that suit your playstyle. If you want to be super tacticool by adding scopes, PEQ boxes, foregrips, and tactical lights then do it! Upgrades to your airsoft replica are tailored to your playstyle. For example, in outdoor skirmishes playing the role of defense, modding your AEG with a MOSFET increases your rate of fire for a tactical advantage.

There are so many upgrades and accessories available, so we cannot tell you what is the best as it really depends on the end-user.

Final Thoughts

The design of most airsoft guns is similar, the difference in how they generate compressed air will cater to different types of users. We hope this provides an insight into what AEG airsoft is, if you have any questions feel free to chat with us on our live chat service.
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