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Marushin G21 - the coolest gun of the year?
  • Manufacturer 
  • Model 
     G21 Dual Maxi (Shell Ejecting)
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
     210 (@ 25°C)
  • Power Source 
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
  • Construction 


  • Shell Ejecting Gas Blowback.

  • A very accurate Airsoft replica of the Glock 21.

  • Constructed from lightweight polymers just like the Real Steel Glock 21.

  • Utilizes the Marushin?s Dual Maxi gas system.

  • Disassembles just like the real steel Glock.


  • Only holds 6+1 rds.

  • Chambered for the 8mm Cal.

  • Only able to use HFC134a Gas.

  • Extra shells are pricey.


    Despite the 8mm caliber and low capacity, the Marushin Glock 21 is a very accurate replica and is a must have for any collectors or Glock lovers out there.


    "Oh great, not another Glock!" You say. But that's where you're wrong. It's not just any Glock, it's the 8mm Shell Ejecting Glock 21 by Marushin. But what's so special about the Glock 21 is that it is the .45 Cal variant of the Glock 20 semi-automatic pistol designed primarily for the American market. The real steel Glock 21 is able to hold 13+1 shells and due to it being chambered for the .45 ACP rounds, the Glock 21 is larger than most other full-size pistols, thus making it perfect for those larger American sized hands.

    Built to 1:1 size to that of the real steel Glock 21, Marushin utilizes ABS and die cast materials to construct the body.
    The Marushin Glock 21 is capable of holding up to 6+1 shells of 8mm BBs due to its single stack nature, as the Dual Maxi system takes more space than standard systems inside the magazine.

    Externally the Marushin Glock 21 is constructed from ABS and Die Cast materials and accurately replicates the real steel Glock 21, with a 1:1 size ratio. Although only capable of loading 6+1 shells of 8mm BBs, the Marushin Glock 21 is produced to replicate the Generation 3 Glock models which involved the checkering of the front, and rear grips as well as in front of the trigger guard to further improve on the Glock's ergonomically molded grip and trigger guard. As part of the Generation 3 Glock models improvement, a universal rail adapter has also been added to the Glock 21 to facilitate the attachment of laser pointers and tactical flashlights. An imitation serial plate can also be found just in front of the trigger guard, however it does actually show any engravings on it (on the Real Steel Glock 21, the steel plate with the models serial number located in front of the trigger guard is to meet the US BATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (regulations).

    The Marushin Glock 21 mimics the Generation 3 Glock models with checkered front, and rear grip surfaces. Marushin has also accurately reproduced the 2 stage trigger system.
    The universal adaptor has been faithfully recreated so that you may attach your choice of tactical modules, complete with imitation serial plate in front of the trigger guard.

    As with all modern day pistols, the Glock features dotted iron sights to enhance your ability to acquire targets in low light situations, although the smooth surface on top of the slide does produce a bit of glare. The detailing on the slide is also realistically replicated with the rear serrated cocking surface and the manufacturer markings on the forward left face of the slide.

    As with all quality Glocks, the Marushin Glock 21 features dotted iron sights for enhanced target acquisition during low light environs.
    The Marushin Glock 21 offers an excellent sight picture with its rear iron sight bordered with the white paint.

    Internally, the Marushin Glock 21 is constructed with die cast materials, and uses the brand new Dual-Maxi System providing the Glock 21 with a very smooth shell ejecting blowback feature and a relatively consistent muzzle velocity. The hop-up system can only be reached by field stripping the Marushin Glock 21, which can be done very easily. If you know how to strip the real steel Glock 21, you'll know how to strip the Marushin. Simply remove the magazine, and pull down the slide release switch located above the trigger guard. Cock the slide back to lower the hammer out of the way, and push the slide all the way forward and off the frame.

    Flip the slide over, and proceed to lift the entire barrel module out of the slide, outer barrel and spring guide together (or separately as you like). With the barrel facing towards your left palm, pull the inner barrel assembly out by 1 cm, and twist clockwise until you see the barrel guide knob has left its housing, and proceed to remove the inner barrel assembly. The hop-up unit is located directly above the entrance of the inner barrel, and with a quick twist of the small hex screw you?ll be able to increase or decrease the hop-up on your Marushin Glock 21.

    The brand new Dual Maxi System by Marushin as seen on the magazine consists of a dual porting system to stabilize the gas flow from the magazine into the nozzle chamber so that the GBB maintains a more consistent BB velocity
    Pulling the inner barrel out by 1cm, this is what the assembly should look like. Proceed to twist the inner barrel clockwise.
    As soon as the inner barrel guide pops out of the railing, pull the assembly out of the outer barrel.

    The hop-up of the Marushin Glock 21 can be adjusted by utilizing a small hex key; Clockwise for more hop, or counter-clockwise for less hop. The unique shape of the inner barrel assembly actually helps to push the shell into the chamber as the slide returns to battery.

    Overall the Marushin Glock 21 very realistically reproduces the .45 Glock 21, from accurate 1:1 size and weight ratio, to its shell ejecting capabilities. If you want a pistol that can be used as a very accurate replica of its real steel counterpart, than this is it. I?d highly recommend the Marushin Glock 21 for the avid pistol collector.