What are Airsoft Grenades?

When we play airsoft, often we forget about the amazing arsenal we actually have access to. Sometimes we think that we are only limited to our airsoft guns but actually, there are so much more. With that said, airsoft grenades are useful tools and add value to any player's list of equipment. You can split airsoft grenades into two groups, traditional grenades or shells and we at Redwolf got you covered.

Grenade Types

As previously mentioned, there are two types of grenades and both operate differently. Looking at the two, there are traditional ones and ones that operate via a launcher (shell grenades). Even though they may look very different, much of the basic functions and purposes are the same. You can usually power them by using either green gas or Co2. Both styles deliver a high volume of fire to your immediate surroundings. Finally, they both provide a "shock and awe" effect when used! However, that is where the similarities end!

Hand Grenades

These are probably the first ones you think of when the word "grenade" comes into mind. Believe it or not, you can use these in airsoft! The hand grenade is considered a traditional grenade in the sense it's "traditionally" what comes to mind when you think about what a grenade should look like. Operationally they are quite straightforward, you fill them up, pull the pin, and throw! As a result, these grenades are able to shower a wide area with a massive volume of BBs, ideal for clearing static targets!


  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Cost
  • Highly Realistic


  • Single Time Use
  • Soft Exterior

How They Work

These grenades employ a two stage preparation process before you can use them. First, you need to fill the grenade with its compatible propellent, like green gas or Co2. Secondly, after you have charged your grenade, you fill it with the appropriate BBs. The reason for this is, if you choose to fill your grenade with a heavier weight BB you will have slower-moving projectiles and they might not be able to scatter as far as you would like. The FPS of airsoft grenades of this type are not incredibly high, which means, the lighter the BB, the faster AND further they will usually fly!

Speciality Grenades

Avatar Grenades can be put into this category as they do act, in many ways, like traditional grenades. You can throw Avatar grenades as you would normally and several of them even detonated upon impact. However, they are highly customizable, allowing you to choose different abilities to suit different situations by deploying their various "skins". This smart grenade approach takes full advantage of the different shapes and burst directions allowing the Avatar grenade to revolutionize the "traditional" grenade segment. No longer will players hiding behind cover be safe as you can roll or even bounce your grenade into where they are hiding, taking them out! In addition, you can take full advantage of Avatar's innovative approach when it comes to how their grenades burst by using features like a delayed burst or even an upcoming remote burst!

AVATAR Grenade Bundle (Armed Red Flashing Light)

Shower Grenades / Grenade Shells

These are a vastly different form of airsoft grenade compared to the previous ones we just mentioned. These grenades go by many names of which you can often hear them referred to as shower grenades, moscart grenades, or 40mm grenade shells. You can, however, easily identify them as they are usually tubular and require a launcher for firing. To operate, you must first fill the grenade with gas, then load the grenade with BBs, finally load the grenade into a launcher. After you have completed these steps, you are ready for action!

APS Hell Fire 162 rds CO2 / Top Gas Grenade (Short Version) for Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher

Shower Type Grenade

Shower grenades are the easiest to find and the most frequently used type of shell grenade. You can easily find a wide variety of shower grenades that feature diverse options and functions. The power source is the main difference between the menagerie of shower grenades, Co2 and green gas. Apart from this, the only differences you will find between the vast array of shower grenades are their looks. All shower grenades fire in the same way, they require the use of a firing pin. This means, when you load your grenade into a launcher and pull the trigger, a pin actuates a mechanism that expels all the gas at once into the loaded BB tubes. This process "showers" your target with a huge volley of BBs ideal for group clearance. These launchers can either be standalone or mounted to your airsoft gun!


  • Easy to Carry
  • High Volume of Fire
  • Reusable


  • Requires Launcher
  • Lower FPS

Airsoft Innovation 40 Mike

Probably the most disruptive product in the shell grenade segment is the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike airsoft grenade. Taking the world by storm with its blazing rate of fire, insane shooting distance, and higher relative FPS, the 40 Mike single handedly revolutionized the usage of grenades in airsoft. Taking full advantage of A.I.'s Quantum Drive technology, the 40 Mike delivers, in one trigger pull, a stream of 120 BBs in under 1 second out to a range of over 100ft (30m) with a spread that is 10ft (3m) wide! Consequently, this makes the 40 Mike the most powerful and effective airsoft grenade. For the player that wants to be a grenadier, the 40 Mike is the only truly viable option as it easily outperforms any other shell grenade available.

Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Gas Powered Magnum Shell

Are Airsoft Grenades Reusable?

While shell airsoft grenades are reusable, traditional grenades can only be used once. Due to their soft outer shell, BBs burst through them which causes them to be unusable after each time one is thrown. However, there are players that choose to use them due to their function. The ability to simply throw a relatively low-tech grenade into a room for quick clearance can be appealing to many. On the other hand, if reusability is your priority a shower shell grenade might be your ideal choice.

Are Airsoft Grenades Viable?

In conclusion, with the advent of so many different types of airsoft grenades, its never been a better time to use these. While there can be some drawbacks, the amount of fun they can add to your experience cannot be understated! Grenades go "boom" and when we are chasing more realism or a better competitive edge against our opponents these tool are ideal!