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Northeast STEN MK2(S) GBB Airsoft (2024 Version)

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  • Faithful Replica of the STEN MK. 2 S (Suppressed)
  • Full Steel Construction
  • Parkerized Finish
  • Protective Cloth Cover Made with Repro British Army Webbing Fabric
  • 2024 Updated Model
  • Comes with 32 Round Steel Cased Gas Magazine
  • Compatible with CO2 Magazines (Available Soon)
  • Updates Allow for Extended Maintenance Cycle

The STEN or Sten Gun is a British submachine gun chambered in 9mm parabellum and it was made due to absolute necessity. After the disastrous retreat of British and French troops from mainland Europe, a huge number of weapons were left on the beaches of Dunkirk. At the time, British submachine gunners were usually issued with the American Thompson submachine gun designated the M1928 which was expensive, costing $200 in 1939 and about $70 in 1942 for the M1 Thompson. With a large amount of weapons left in France, the British had to come up with a cost-effective way to arm her submachine gunners. The STEN, an acronym derived from the names of the weapon's chief designers: Major Reginald V. Shepherd and Harold J. Turpin, and the 'En' stood for the Enfield factory. The STEN gun was simple to produce, with only 40 parts even bicycle workshops could churn it out for the war effort, and they did. The STEN would cost only 2.6 British Pounds or $11 per gun in 1942, which was even cheaper than the America M3 Grease Gun which cost $25 at the time. All this meant that the British could arm not just their armed forces, but the free French forces in occupied France at the time.

The Northeast STEN MK2(S) GBB Airsoft SMG is a faithful replica of the actual suppressed model, the MK II (S) was designed in 1943, and the Mk II(S) ("Special-Purpose") was an integrally suppressed version of the Mk II suppressed models were produced at the request of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) for use in clandestine operations in occupied Europe, starting with the Mk II(S) in 1943. Owing to their tendency to overheat, they were fired in short bursts or single shots. Some guns were even changed to semi-automatic only. In addition to its use in the European theatre, the Mk II(S) saw service with clandestine units in the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) such as the Services Reconnaissance Department and SOE's Force 136 on operations against the Imperial Japanese Army. The Sten Mk II(S) was used by the Operation Jaywick party during their raid into Japanese-occupied Singapore Harbour. The Sten Mk II(S) also saw service with the Special Air Service Regiment during the Vietnam War.

Northeast has always come out with the most realistic classic guns, this is no exception, the Northeast STEN MK2(S) GBB Airsoft SMG is of full steel construction and has period period-correct parkerized finish just like the real thing. Other than the material used and its finish, the Northeast STEN also assembles and disassembles similar to the real thing, the only difference being that this model has a hop-up unit and an inner barrel. By purchasing one, you will experience this first hand as this airsoft gun arrives field-stripped and you will have to put it back together to operate it. The STEN MK2(S) also comes with a protective cloth over the suppressor which is made with repro British army webbing adding the realism and overall authenticity of this replica gas airsoft gun.

Northeast came out with the STEN gun and its many variants and graced the airsoft world with more classic gun replicas in GBB, so what is the difference between this 2024 version differ from the old one? Northeast redesigned the firing pin base and nozzle for an extended maintenance cycle, and it is also CO2 ready as Northeast will launch CO2 magazines in the future for the STEN gun similar to what they did with their UZI. They also redesigned the gas magazine so that it is easier to fasten the endplate of the gas tank to aid in maintenance.

Andrew's Review of the original Northeast STEN MK2 / SOE with the Welsiencer and Commando Grip:

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Magazine Compatibility:

  • Northeast STEN GBB Magazines (2024 Version)
  • Northeast STEN CO2 Magazines (2024 Version)


  • x1 Northeast STEN MK2(S) GBB Airsoft (2024 Version)
  • x1 32 Round Northeast STEN Gas Magazine
  • x1 User Manual

PlatformGAS & CO2
Originating ArmoryRSAF Enfield
Replica TypeSMG
Capacity (rds)32
Power (fps)380
Power SourceGreen Gas / CO2
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.78
Length (mm)940.0
Content Included

Northeast STEN MK2(S) GBB Airsoft (2024 Version)

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