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A scaled down version of Eugene Stoner’s AR-10 battle rifle, the ArmaLite AR-15 was originally designed in 1956 as a lightweight rifle to fire the new lightweight 5.56mm cartridge, its two part receiver was revolutionary its time allowing for an unprecedented level of modularity for accessories or new parts. Today AR15 style rifles encompass a massive range of semi and fully automatic assault rifles used across the world. Airsoft AR 15 and M4 airsoft style guns are the most popular model of airsoft rifles by a significant margin with both Airsoft AEG M4 and Airsoft M4A1 GBB models being available by most brands offering an immense range of best airsoft M4 examples. These M4 airsoft models ranging from the classic CYMA Airsoft M16, the full length older rifle the M4 airsoft gun was based on, the excellent Tokyo Marui Airsoft M4 MWS, Krytac Airsoft M4 Trident series, EMG Daniel Defense Airsoft M4A1, G&P Airsoft M4 Carbine and G&P Airsoft M4A1 MK18.

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Airsoft M4s or Airsoft AR 15 rifles are based on the real M4 rifle, of which there are hundreds of variants. Airsoft M4s are used for recreational shooting, military simulation games, training exercises, and are also popular with collectors. Airsoft M4s come in a variety of styles and configurations, with different features such as adjustable stocks, rails, and scopes. They also come in many different lengths depending on whether you plan to use them for outdoor skirmishes or indoor games, where longer barrels generally give greater range and accuracy. Airsoft M4 rifles are customizable and can be upgraded with aftermarket parts to enhance their performance, regardless of whether they are electric powered or gas blowback models. When it comes to airsoft M4 rifles, there are many brands and models to choose from. Some popular brands include Tokyo Marui, G&G Armament, RWA, ARES, GHK, Systema, Umarex, T8, Novritsch, WE and VFC, although the list of manufacturers goes on. You can use our filter function on this page to see the different brands available.

There are many popular airsoft M4 / airsoft AR 15 models available and it is the largest category in airsoft. The popularity of specific models can vary depending on factors such as brand, price, and features. Here are some of the most popular airsoft M4 models.

  • Tokyo Marui M4A1 Airsoft: The company that invented the AEG, Tokyo Marui’s airsoft M4 rifles were true game changers back in the 1990’s when they first hit the market. Since then, Tokyo Marui has continued to refine their design and they are known for high-quality and class-leading accuracy. Their flagship AEG airsoft M4 is the Tokyo Marui URG-I 11.5 Inch Sopmod Block 3 Next Generation (NGRS) airsoft M4 and the Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD 1 Next Generation (NGRS) AEG. Tokyo Marui also leads the way with their MWS gas blowback system, which is highly reliable and works well even in cold weather. The drawback of the MWS system is that it does not field strip like a real M4, which you can find in airsoft M4 rifles made by GHK and VFC. If that is not a concern for you, then the MWS offers superior performance and reliability. Popular MWS gas blowback models include the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS (ZET System) GBBR Airsoft rifle, Tokyo Marui MK18 MOD 1 GBBR Airsoft (ZET SYSTEM), and the Tokyo Marui MTR16 G-Edition Airsoft (ZET System). All Tokyo Marui airsoft guns are made in Japan. See all Tokyo Marui M4 Airsoft rifles.
  • GHK M4 Airsoft: Widely reputed as the King of gas blowback airsoft guns, the GHK M4 is the most realistic airsoft M4 available. That means GHK M4 airsoft rifles offer the most realistic construction, strong recoil shooting experience, and realistic field stripping just like the real M4. GHK M4 airsoft rifles can either use green gas or CO2 magazines for cold weather use. Their flagship model is the GHK MK18 MOD1 GBB with Forged Receiver, and the most popular is the GHK Colt M4 Airsoft Rifle. See all GHK M4 Airsoft rifles.
  • Krytac M4 Airsoft: A subsidiary of the real gun manufacturer, Kriss Group, Krytac is the only brand that is manufactured directly by a real firearms company. Krytac focuses on building performance-tuned electric airsoft rifles out of the box. The Krytac Trident MK2 CRB and the Krytac War Sport LVOA S are some of their most popular models. See all Krytac M4 Airsoft rifles.
  • Cyma M4 Airsoft: Priced affordably with a reliable gearbox and good build quality, Cyma is a very popular brand for beginners and experienced players alike. Known for making some classic models that other brands have largely ignored, including the Cyma M16A1 Vietnam Airsoft AEG and Cyma M16A4 Airsoft AEG. Experienced players should opt for their Platinum series, like the Cyma Platinum Daniel Defense M4A1 Carbine 12 inch. See all Cyma M4 Airsoft rifles.
  • RWA M4 Airsoft: High performance M4 airsoft rifles in the form of Battle Arms Development 556-LW and the shorter SBR, these M4 rifles are extremely sleek and designed with weight reduction in mind for greater maneuverability. Lots of advanced features including QD Fortis lightweight M-Lok rail design, modular stock tube design that can take all kinds of batteries including the popular Titan Li-Ion battery, and a programmable binary trigger controlled by an Aster Gate unit. See all RWA M4 Airsoft rifles.
  • VFC M4 Airsoft: Another manufacturer that makes both AEG and gas blowback M4 airsoft rifles with excellent quality. Popular models include the VFC Colt MK12 MOD 1 AEG rifle, and their entire Avalon series. As for their gas blowback M4, the most popular is the VFC BCM MCMR GBBR Airsoft rifle. See all VFC M4 Airsoft rifles.
  • G&G M4 Airsoft: Excellent quality at affordable prices, G&G focuses on both electric and gas blowback M4 airsoft rifles. Their popular entry-level airsoft M4 is called the Combat Machine (or CM16) that is known for its reliability and affordability. Built entirely in nylon polymer plastic, the G&G Combat Machine airsoft M4 rifle is lightweight and easy on the wallet. The gearbox is proven and reliable. But by far the most popular are the G&G ARP9 rifles, which are called AR pistols due to the fact they use a smaller 9mm caliber style magazine. G&G has released several generations of the ARP9, which is hands down their most popular model. See all G&G M4 Airsoft rifles.

These are just a few of the most popular airsoft M4 models, and there are many other great options available in our store. Ultimately, the best airsoft M4 for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


For gas blowback M4 airsoft magazines, the answer is a firm no. Each manufacturer has their own proprietary design, so they are generally not interchangeable. However, for most electric powered M4 airsoft magazines, they adhere to the same standard as Tokyo Marui’s original design from mid 1990s so in general they are all interchangeable, although minor differences in measurements by different manufacturers might prevent them from feeding smoothly if used in different brands of AEG airsoft M4s. Unfortunately, the possible combinations are too numerous to document so there is no definitive list that shows which brand of magazine works with which brand of gun. Much of it is left to trial and error.


Prices can vary greatly and depending on whether you are a beginner looking for something basic, or an experienced player seeking a high performance M4 airsoft rifle, you should start by looking at different brands. Beginners and those on a budget can consider airsoft M4 rifles from Cyma, E&C, G&G, or ARES. The latter two brands make full polymer body M4 airsoft rifles which are relatively affordable and can be had for less than USD 200. If you have the budget for something more mid-range, the look at Arcturus, G&P, ICS, EMG, or King Arms, which will set you back somewhere between USD 200 to USD 400. If price is not an issue and you want the absolute best, look at Umarex, VFC, RWA, Krytac, or GHK, where prices are USD 400 and beyond. You can use the filter function on this page to see all the available M4 airsoft rifles by brand.