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Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior 1911 GBB Airsoft Pistol

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With up to date modern close combat modifications, this 1911 is literally a celebration of 100 years of 1911 success.
It has been 100 years since Colt introduced their Model 1911 pistol; this milestone in history is a testament to the success of the design. For sure, you can celebrate by running out to purchase a replica 1911A1 but would it not be more appropriate to celebrate the passage of time by getting one of its latest incarnations in the true spirit of its continued use.

The Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior is a gas blowback 1911 of their tried and tested design as its heart but features extensive modifications. It used a Detonics slide and outer barrel but the strike face standoff devise brings its length to a 4.3 setup.

The trigger guard is squared off so when using proper trigger discipline it is much more comfortable for the trigger finger then the spindly little thing on the standard 1911.

The strike face meat tenderizer looking thing at the front is, as mentioned already, a replica stand-off device. In a real firearm, the slide must be in full battery (slide all the way to the front) to fire correctly.

If the slide is not in full battery, firing the weapon becomes dangerous or even impossible. If a barrel is blocked, the pressure buildup can damage the weapon, or worse, cause a full blow out (with the breech and or barrel exploding).

In close combat, it is possible that the weapon may be pressed up against a target and this may push the slide out of battery. The stand-off device allows contact in combat but the slide remains in full battery, allowing operation. In Airsoft, this is important as failure to full battery can result in diminished performance of the shot and failure to cycle or not shooting at all.

Also, the barrel is not plugged with a compensated stand-off device resulting in contact firing being possible and safe (for the shooter anyway). This weapon is clearly styled in the spirit of the CQC Operator.

The frame features 70mm of accessory rail for the aftermarket addition of lasers and flashlight modules. Despite being highly modified on the outside, under the hood it is 100% Tokyo Marui magic.

Out of the box it will shoot pistol power but give most AEG a run for their money on terms of range thanks to the divinity that is the Tokyo Marui hop-up. It will take the usual host of internal parts and magazines so this weapons long term upkeep is not only bright and easy but holds the potential for the vast personalization options for which Marui 1911s are also famed.

This pistol comes with a polymer slide, fixed iron sights and takes Tokyo Marui 1911 /MEU gas magazines although MEU are preferred as the mag plate sits with this design better.
BrandTokyo Marui
Replica TypePISTOL
Capacity (rds)28
Power (fps)240
Power SourceGreen Gas / HFC134A
Shooting ModeSemi Auto
Net Weight (kg)0.82
Length (mm)205.0
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