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Gas Airsoft Machine Gun

Those that are not familiar with machine guns will usually think that they are big bulky guns and may dread the thought of carrying one around in a game. During World War, I & II machine guns were for sustaining direct fire at the opposition and not usually carried around the field as it is a defense weapon. 


So before even considering using a machine gun you have to think about the role and type of game you'll be participating in. It is not an assault weapon for the frontline compared to other smaller machine guns such as M4 or AK rifles. But that being said not all machine guns are bulky and heavy, there are some LMG (light machine guns) out there too. These types of machine guns can be used for assault and provide cover fire but this isn't a gun that can do it all. Just don't expect to snipe enemies at a distance or superior accuracy since those are sacrificed due to the high rate of fire.


If you're a strong guy and want to be like Rambo then who's stopping you from running around the field with a big machine gun! Whilst it may lack mobility it provides more than enough firepower to provide support for your team. 


What to Look for in a Gas Airsoft Machine Gun?

There are many factors to look for when deciding which gas airsoft machine gun to use. Most important for many of us is mainly the cost and outlook of the machine gun, but we also have to consider how many BB’s it can hold, rate of fire, and hop up. If the machine gun lacks rate of fire or holds very few BB’s then it's not a very effective machine gun to provide support fire. Since machine guns can hold many rounds do keep in mind that you could easily go through a bag BB’s in a day. Since it is a gas airsoft machine gun it’ll have some form of gas blowback action giving that realistic recoil of a firearm.


Machine guns have a high rate of fire and it'll be difficult to control without a bipod or buttstock which is usually included on most machine guns. If it doesn't come with a bipod you can rest it on a sandbag, tripod, something stable, or even a foregrip! 


What are Some of the Best Gas Airsoft (Heavy) Machine Guns?

The best one out there has to be the GHK RPK as there is no other gas airsoft machine gun out there. Even if there was it’ll be inferior to what the GHK RPK has to offer. If there was anything out there that is close to the real steel version, it would be this beauty. Featuring wood and steel construction, it has that weight you can really feel it as you pull the trigger. Every time that trigger is pulled your ears will ring as it is loud and has one hell of a recoil. If only it had come with a drum magazine, it would have the RPK rated highly in the badassery scale! Click here to learn more:


What is a Gas Airsoft Machine Gun Used For?

Gas airsoft machine guns are ideal in long games or for defensive roles that don't require you to traverse around the field too much. As you have to keep in mind it is a support weapon and not something to be used in CQB or skirmishes. It is a perfect weapon choice to provide cover fire for your team compared to something like a pistol or rifle as its rate of fire is unmatched.