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VFC M249 SAW Machine Gun GBB Airsoft

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  • First Ever Production Green Gas Powered, Open Bolt Gas Blowback M249 Airsoft Machine Gun
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction with Steel Reinforced Parts
  • Independent Gas and BB Supply
  • Accurate and Consistent Fire Right Out of the Box
  • Lightweight BB Magazines with 100 Round Realistic Capacity
  • Realistic Takedown and Fieldstripping
  • Vibrating Ammo Belt (Sold Separately) for Extra Immersive Realism
  • Has Correct Markings
  • Able to Dry Fire

The FN Herstal Minimi. Adopted by the United States Military in 1984 as the M249 SAW. Since then, most of us just know it has the M249 SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon. This light machine gun, especially the US Armed Forces version is beloved by real steel shooters and airsofters alike. the M249 in airsoft is not exactly a new gun by any means, there have been many iterations of it in airsoft, G&P, A&K, and even Classic Army has made AEG versions of it, then recently in attempts to make it more realistic, Tokyo Marui made an NGRS version of the MK46 MOD 0, giving it the platform felt recoil and realistic operation, then VFC came out with the MK48 MOD 1, making it more skirmish-able by making it lightweight and the deluxe version even has ammo belt vibration. Okay, maybe the VFC MK48 MOD1 is not based on the FN Minimi or M249, but you get the point, all these airsoft machineguns have in common is that they are all AEGs. There is nothing wrong with a good electric airsoft machine gun, but it always just seems like it's lacking something when you pull that trigger and only hear a whirling motor noise, maybe it's just us but it's a machine gun! Airsoft or not we wanted more oomph.

This is long overdue but VFC has answered and has done it again and given us another first in airsoft: The VFC M249 GBB, this is the world's first-ever production green gas-powered, open bolt gas blowback M249 airsoft machine gun, although VFC is humble enough to say that this is the first M249 GBB, we dare to say that this is the first GBB in a belt-fed machine gun form. If that is not enough to convince you to get this gun, well there is more to this airsoft machine gun than just being the first ever M249 gas airsoft machine gun.

Externally, the M249 GBB machine gun by VFC has all the correct markings in all the corresponding areas of the gun. Also, this M249 is of full metal construction, as it's mostly made of aluminum alloy, why not steel you might ask? This is done so to make this gun extra lightweight, allowing it to be more skirmish friendly as lugging around a full steel M249 is quite a chore, to say the least. But, this is the production version, who knows, maybe VFC would make a deluxe version like they always do and have one in the future in full steel. However, it is still very robust and feels very solid like every other GBB made by VFC as all the essential weight and bearing parts are made of steel. Other than the markings and build quality, being a GBB, most airsofters would expect peak realism even in how it takes down, the VFC M249 gas airsoft machinegun takes down very similarly to the real steel one, making it very realistic and ideal for those who are interested in knowing how to field strip and disassemble an actual M249 LMG.

Internally, the VFC M249 airsoft LMG, unlike most conventional gas airsoft guns, has its gas reservoir and BB magazine in separate areas as the gas is held solely in the M4 / AR15 magazine-style gas tank and the actual BB magazine is a lightweight polymer magazine that you insert into the top cover of the feed tray. This is done so to allow the M249 to have an ease of operation while keeping things realistic as lugging around a few supposed 100-round drums could be an issue but carrying a few real cap magazines isn't. You could carry a bunch of polymer magazines and a green gas can when running this gun and it will not weigh more than carrying a bunch of M4 / AR-15 style airsoft gas magazines. To keep things realistic, it would require you to lift the top cover every time you reload. The gun out of the box shoots quite consistently and accurately and could do so with heavier BBs as well such as 0.3 gram BBs, this is proven by 4UAD SmartAirsoft, check out their sneak peek video here!

So, what is it like to shoot it? With its lightweight construction, the VFC M249 gas airsoft rifle only weights around 4 KGs with the M4 / AR 15 style magazine gas reservoir on, making it easy to shoulder and have less shooter's fatigue when lugging it for a period of time, unlike most existing airsoft M249. The felt recoil is great and the dummy ammo belt vibrates as well, increasing the immersive realism when operating the VFC M249 GBB LMG. On top of all this, the VFC M249 also has a dry fire function, allowing you to annoy your mom at home when you feel like it!

If you ever wanted the most realistic belt-fed airsoft machine gun ever, this is it.

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Magazine Compatibility:

  • VFC M249 BB Magazines
  • VFC M249 Magazine Style Gas Reservoir


  • x1 VFC M249 GBBR
  • x1 100 Round VFC M249 Magazine
  • x1 VFC M249 M4 / AR-15 Magazine Style Gas Reservoir
  • x1 Manual

Operations Guide for VFC M249 by VFC:

Originating ArmoryFN
Capacity (rds)100
Power (fps)360
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeFull Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.86
Length (mm)910.0
Barrel Thread TypeCCW
Content Included

VFC M249 GBBR (Licensed by Cybergun & FN)

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Nice gun and powerful.

It was my first time to take the gun. Once I received it, the weapon was very lite weight to carry and very powerful than I expected. So I suggest you get one. Don’t miss it. P.S. This weapon I collected by myself. The Redwolf staff was accommodating and gave me more information about how to use this weapon. Thank you, Redwolf staff.


Very good.

It's new, so it's tight, but I think I just need to tame it a little bit. Please refer to the instruction manual. The sound isn't that bad either. The sound is a bit disappointing.

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