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PRODUCT DETAILS PPS XM26 Mass Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun (Pump Action)

PPS XM26 Mass Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun (Pump Action)

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Product Code: GN-XM26
Weight: 1,670 g
Length: 663 mm
Capacity: 5 rds
Power: 230 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$169.00

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The XM26 Mass Shell Ejecting Gas Shotgun, much like its real steel counterpart, the M26 Modular Shotgun System, is an under-barrel attachment for the M4/M16 series. The real steel version came to light over a decade ago as a replacement for the Remington M870, and within that time, it had featured in movies like Terminator, Iron Man, Expendables as well as the well known first person shooter, Battlefield 3.

It does come with an extra barrel clamp allowing it to attach to a GBB or AEG M4, similar to what you've seen on the Masterkey series. However, this version arrives as a standalone system with its own pistol grip, collapsible stock, flip up front and rear sights, the cross safety right above the trigger, an M1A1 style magazine release, releasing a magazine accommodating 5 shot shells. Each shell can hold up to 3 BBs maximum and is also where the gas is stored.

The XM26 comes with 2 shells and a pin to help you charge the shell with gas. Do make sure you charge it first before you insert the BBs or you will be in quite the pickle. You need to swerve the magazine into the magwell like one would with an AK magazine and it will click into position.

The charging handle on the left side is used to chamber the shell and can be flipped upwards or downwards allowing the user to stand in a more aggressive stance, but it will slow down the reloading process.

The coolest feature of the XM26 is the ability to attach itself to the under-barrel of an M4 as it is its main function. There may be a tiny bit of play once attached but it is still a very solid and fun pump action shotgun.

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