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PRODUCT DETAILS Rare Arms XR25-EC Shell Ejecting GBB (2 Magazines & 30 Shells Package)

Rare Arms XR25-EC Shell Ejecting GBB (2 Magazines & 30 Shells Package)

Product Brand:

Rare Arms

Product Code: XR25-EC-PACK
Weight: 3,400 g
Length: 920 mm
Capacity: 15 rds
Power: 420 fps (1.62 Joules)
Power Source: CO2
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$1560.00
Save $382.00

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If you live in a country where you can buy a real AR15 rifle, or you're looking for a high power gun that you can take to skirmishes, then you can stop reading now. This gun is not for you! Rare Arms developed this gun over several years to fulfill the fantasies of the many Airsoft collectors worldwide who live in countries where it is illegal to buy or shoot real guns. And for those who belong to this segment, your calls have finally been answered! Shell ejecting gas blow back rifles are a niche market, but when it comes to realism, you cannot beat them. They're used for military training, military simulation and to give you the feeling as if you're firing a real gun. Sure, picking up ejected shells will be a pain, but who doesn't like seeing them fly out of the gun once they are "spent"? If you want to feel like you're in a movie, shell ejecting gas blow back rifles are the way to go.

Watch RedWolf TV's Tim take it for a test drive:

The XR25-EC from Rare Arms is a full metal, CO2 fed, gas blow back rifle with shell ejection capabilities. It's heavy, comes with 2 really light weight stamped steel 15 round magazines, and 30 shells to accommodate. This makes it a lot easier for those who want to do magazine changes with realistically weighted magazines without having to refill each magazine once the last shell is spent.

It features quad rails with a monolithic upper rail with a front sight that sits flush into the rail system and a adjustable rear sight. The hop up can be found on the top rail right in front of the receiver. You'll notice that in the first hole is a screw made to fit a hex key. If you have a scope on top that does NOT sit high enough, you'll most likely find it difficult to adjust the hop.

The feel of recoil is great, almost as strong as the Inokatsu and GHK M4 GBBR but this has one thing the other two brands don't. The spent shell ejecting out the right side. The XR25-EC only shoots in semi auto, which is perfectly fine for a rifle which was intended for mid-range sniper use. Every so often, it will jam, much like every real steel gun in the world. So you must make sure to properly maintain and lubricate this gun for proper functioning, just like...well, a real gun!

The CO2 is contained in the pistol grip and will go through around 40 shots before running out of gas. This is enough to go through a little more than 2 magazines. The great thing is, there is an extra hole so you can fit a hex that will help you remove the used CO2 capsule. The negative point is that you won't be able to switch out pistol grips as none are made to contain a capsule for this particular rifle.

You may not have heard of RARE ARMS. The man behind it is a seasoned engineer, who is responsible for most of the successful gas rifles coming out of Taiwan. Many factories do not have a lot of gas blowback rifle experience, and look to him for help. He has led many projects for other brands in Taiwan that we cannot mention here. But suffice to say, this SR25 is only one in a long line of products he has designed and released to market for other companies.

Shell ejecting GBBRs were really the natural next step now that manufacturers have refined the gas blowback system . A CO2 powered shell ejecting gas blowback rifle is something that many collectors have asked for over the years, and RARE ARMS has finally answered that call! We applaud their innovation and technical ability to build something like this!

RARE ARMS suggests that the gun will shoot completely smooth after the initial break-in period of 300 rounds. Please keep all components properly lubricated for smooth functioning. Also ensure shells are not bent or deformed to avoid jams and ensure proper performance of the gun.

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