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Novritsch SSQ22 GBB Airsoft Rifle - Black

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  • Realistic Operation
  • Nice Kickback With Each Shot.
  • Full-Steel Trigger Assembly
  • Instant Trigger Response.
  • Durable Steel Internals.
  • Modern Design
  • Multiple M-LOK Mounting Options.
  • An Extended Top Picatinny Rail For Different Optics
  • Semi-Only Rifle
  • Accurate & Consistent
  • Maple Leaf Silicone Bucking
  • Tool-Less TDC Hop-Up Adjustment.

This product is only compatible with gas designed specifically for Airsoft guns. Do not use lighter fluid or butane gas, as that will cause permanent damage.


The Novritsch SSQ22 GBB Airsoft Rifle is Novritsch's latest rifle and their first gas blowback rifle. This is a high-performance airsoft rifle designed by Novritsch to provide players with a reliable and affordable Gas Blow Back DMR Rifle. With a realistic operation and a nice kickback with each shot, making it a popular choice for airsoft enthusiasts.

The Novritsch SSQ22 GBB Airsoft Rifle features a full-steel trigger assembly. The full-steel trigger assembly of the Novritsch SSQ22 GBB Airsoft Rifle is one of its key features that sets it apart from other airsoft rifles on the market. The use of high-quality steel in the trigger assembly ensures a smooth and instant trigger response, allowing you to fire your shots with precision and accuracy.

The modern design of this rifle includes multiple MLOK mounting options, allowing you to customize it to your specific needs. It also features an extended top Picatinny rail for different optics, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately.

The Novritsch SSQ22 is semi-only, the reason for this is that it is a DMR-style rifle. This allows you to pick and choose your shots more carefully, as you have a limited round capacity with the gas blowback platform. The rifle's semi-only firing mode ensures that you can fire your shots with precision and consistency. The Novritsch SSQ22 comes with a Maple Leaf silicone bucking pre-installed that improves the rifle's accuracy and consistency, ensuring each shot hits its mark.