Tokyo Marui Boys HG SOPMOD M4

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An M4 SOPMOD is 75% size form, a fun little recreational plinker.
Product Specification
BrandTokyo Marui
Originating ArmoryCOLT
Capacity (rds)140
Power (fps)130
Power SourceElectric
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)1.0
Length (mm)645.0
The Tokyo Marui Boys series are 75% of the full-size M4 AEGs, in this case emulating a CQB length SOPMOD M4. Small and lightweight, they are less durable but significantly cheaper; fun little plinking toys for younger or smaller players or just if you are looking for a novelty toy. As a sub-sized toy, it will not fit standard M4 parts and the rails are too small (18mm) to make use of normal accessories.

Besides the size and weight, the proportions and functions are pretty decent. 4 position stock, select fire safe-semi-full with an added secondary grip safety below the trigger guard, miniature rail system complete with reduced size vertical grip and dummy PEQ unit (which is where the 6x AA batteries are stored).

This mini-M4 AEG is lots of fun to shoot, with full auto fire delivering impressive 10-15 rounds per second, just like the bigger full featured AEGs though power is a significantly less 130 FPS for safer recreational use. It also sounds like the much bigger AEGs, though just a bit quieter. Specially designed removable magazine operates like a hi-cap magazine that allows each to hold 140 rounds.

You can attach a standard 3-point tactical sling onto this AEG. Due to dimensional differences with its larger life size AEG siblings, these mini AEGs cannot take silencers, scopes and other accessories. This weapon only takes Tokyo Marui Boys HG SOPMOD M4 magazines.

These mini AEGs cannot be upgraded in power due to their design. Mini-AEGs are designed for recreational use with light-weight 0.12g BBs. Please remember to use 0.12g BBs only as designed for this gun. Using heavier BB's may cause jamming in barrel and cause permanent damage to this gun.

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