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PRODUCT DETAILS G&G LR-300 Standard Long (Licensed ZM Markings) (HOLIDAY SALE)

G&G LR-300 Standard Long (Licensed ZM Markings) (HOLIDAY SALE)

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Product Code: LR-300-L
Weight: 2,752 g
Length: 920 mm
Capacity: 320 rds
Power: 380 fps
Motor: G&G Long Shaft
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$479.99
Save $330.00

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First, check out this rapid fire video review on the G&G LR 300 and it's variants.

The real steel LR 300 is an assault rifle and conversion kit based on the AR-15 platform and is broadly similar to M16. The weapon is touted as an 'excellent entry weapon system' indicating a suitability for military use in close quarters battle due to its folding stock yet powerful selective fire weapon in 5.56. Particularly notable is the rifle's capability to use a fully folding and adjustable skeletal stock due to the lack of requirement for a buffer tube; it uses an adapted version of the AR-15's standard direct impingement gas operating system which removes the need for one. This AEG utilizes a standard version 2 gearbox but otherwise includes a variety of design features that make it a little easier to strip and maintain and yet still run just like an M4; it has an odd little ergonomic grip that?s rather charming and comfortable but of course can still take the usual modfare of Magpulization and whatnot should you choose. The weapon is full metal with steel components and high strength polymer furniture; the stock is multi-position with 5 increments besides also being foldable (to the left, against the gun for a compact form of 27 inches). The weapon also features authentic markings as a licensed replica of the real thing.

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