G&G SSG-1 AEG Rifle - Black

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  • Polymer and Metal Combination
  • Latest G&G Electronics
  • Tried and Tested Performance
  • Cutting Edge Speedsoft Specific Design
Product Specification
Capacity (rds)105
Power (fps)380
Power SourceElectric
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)2.31
Length (mm)680.0
Battery PlugSmall Tamiya
Content Included

G&G SSG-1 AEG Rifle - Black


The G&G SSG-1 AEG rifle is a cutting edge speedsoft specific rifle aiming to take the performance of G&G AEGs and putting them in a body that will push its ability for speed as far as it can.

Being specially designed for speedsoft it is, as its name sake suggests, designed for speed. The barrel is a simple smooth outer barrel with a muzzle device that has picatinny rail on both the top and bottom for the mounting of a light, laser, or foregrips. The receiver set is high-quality, lightweight polymer for added weight reduction. However by far, it is the trigger and stock that seems to be this rifle's most defining feature. The extended trigger allows for two finger double tapping and is extremely short stroked. The stock is not only adjustable in terms of length of pull but its angle is also adjustable.

Internally, the rifle features G&G's latest electronics which seem to supercharge this AEG. The trigger response from its electronic trigger is very snappy and its MOSFET ensures you can ride that semi-auto to your heart's content while using both fingers to blast the competition. This rifle can be further upgraded with compatible gears from Prometheus or other third parties for more performance.

For those of you who want to install a front rail handguard to this rifle, unfortunately, it's not designed for that. If you really wish to install a rail, you would have to exchange the upper receiver to a G&G Combat Machine or ARP9.


  • G&G SSG-1 Magazines
  • Standard M4/M16 AEGs


  • x1 G&G SSG-1 AEG Rifle - Black
  • x1 Magazine
  • x1 User Manual

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