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G&G GK99

Product Brand:


Product Code: EGK-099-STD
Weight: 3,068 g
Length: 940 mm
Capacity: 600 rds
Power: 330 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$348.00



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G&Gs GK99 appears to be a replica of the real steel Rk 95Tp ("taittoperä" in Finnish, - "folding stock"), a 7.62 x 39mm (Soviet) Intermediate caliber assault rifle. With its origins in the AK family, the Rk 95Tp is a newer model designed to replace the aging Rk 62; in comparison, it is relatively similar but with improved features and ergonomic interfaces. The Rk 95Tp is used mainly by the Finnish international reaction force (Finnish RDF) and also by Finnish UN Peace keeping force personnel.

The real steel Rk 95Tp is a select-fire, gas-operated firearm using the Kalashnikov-pattern operating system making use of a long stroke gas piston rod coupled to the bolt carrier just like the AK. This is somewhat poetic coincidence as this AEG itself is based on the G&G AK AEG series and makes use of a long stroke pneumatic piston to simulate the bolt cycle action when shooting from its select-fire mechanism.

As is typical of recent G&G AEGs, this model features a blending of different materials based on practical suitability and feasible economics; Aluminium, Steel, Zinc, Nylon and other polymers are all used. The receiver and barrel are Aluminium chosen for its high strength to weight ratio. Other metal details like the stock, trigger guard, receiver top plate and flash hider are all steel which helps in terms of ruggedness and realism, particularly the stock as the heavier steel in the rear does a nice job of balancing out the greater length but lighter Aluminium and polymer in the front.

The layout of this weapons materials means that its handling is unusually agile for a weapon of its size and weight class made even more so with the stocks ability to fold (to the right, exactly like the real steel) to reduce dimensions even further when operating in more confined spaces or just to make traveling / packing easier.

G&Gs creation feeds from a G&G AK magazine, a polymer waffle style high cap 600 round version being included with the weapon (like the Rk 95Tps magazine) giving it the classic Airsoft AK advantage of the particularly high capacity magazine making it a pseudo machine gun. Having tested it across a few samples, we can attest to its compatibility with Tokyo Marui magazines as well making the prospect of buying additional ones very easy. The gearbox features G&Gs proprietary electro-pneumatic blowback system which cycles the bolt while firing. Battery storage is in the front handguard and while there is space for larger batteries and LiPo alternatives this weapon was originally intended to run on 8.4v NiCads so bare that in mind with long term usage.

Internally the gearbox is proprietary as mentioned above but the components within are compatible with standard parts so maintenance, repairs and modifications are all pretty standard fare. The blowback system may not hold up too well against higher rates of fire so if you intend to modify the cycle rate significantly we would suggest you disable the blowback feature.