WE 888 PCC GBBR - Black

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  • PCC Format (Pistol Caliber Carbine)
  • WE G Series Style Long Magazine Compatible
  • 888 Style
  • Snappy Cycling
  • Blank Receiver
  • 50rd Capacity
Product Specification
Originating ArmoryH&K
Capacity (rds)50
Power (fps)370
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.47
Length (mm)770.0
Content Included

WE 888 PCC GBBR - Black


The M4A1 PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) is a throwback to an older version of the M4 when Colt experimented with a 9mm configuration, though at that time it employed Uzi magazines instead of the more ubiquitous Glock magazines. This particular version from WE is more in line with the current 9mm pistol caliber carbines which use Glock magazines.

Much like its real steel counterpart, this rifle uses G series magazines in which you will be able to take this same one and use it in your WE G series pistol. The gun is patterned after traditional ARs featuring similar control schemes and designed in WE's 888 style.

WE has managed to create this GBBR to have surprisingly strong recoil impulse and snappy cycling, though only using a pistol magazine. To add to this, there is a different buffer spring for you to experience an even faster cycling rate!

Its internals are the same as seen in many other WE M4 GBBRs and can easily be swapped out for upgrade parts or replacement parts if necessary. An important point to note is the lower receiver is molded specifically to fit G series pistol magazines and WILL NOT fit M4 magazines.

Magazine Compatibility:

  • WE G Series Long Magazines
  • WE M4 PCC Magazines


  • x1 WE 888 PCC GBBR - Black
  • x1 Magazine
  • x2 User Manual

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