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Marushin M1 Garand Back In Stock! (2005-08-02)

Marushin M1 Garand is now instock.
Marushin M1 Garand (8mm) A realistic replica of the WWII era, this gas action rifle from Marushin sports a real wood receiver and metal chamber / barrel. The metal cocking lever and bolt offers a very realistic cocking action which also sounds very authentic in its cycling motion. The most special feature of this rifle is the BB loading system design - when you have shot the last round, the magazine will be ejected automatically from the chamber of the M1 just like the real steel does. The bolt locks open on the last round and the magazine cartridge spring ejects up and out of the gun in from of you! Quality is extremely high and power is a good with standard HFC134a gas (do not use gas stronger than HFC134a!). Shoots 240fps using 0.34g 8mm BBs! Very crisp and loud shooting experience with the bolt making excellent sounds. Noticeable blowback and recoil on the gun. Adjustable hop-up. Trigger can be easily removed from gun for servicing just like the real steel! Authentic metal butt cap with compartment to hold cleaning kit (not included). Fully windage and range adjustable rear and front sight. MSRP PRICE IS USD533, our price is USD442 (17% savings!). Limited quantities world-wide so these are going really fast! Marushin has allocated a limited number to us. All pre-ordered M1 Garands have already been shipped out to customers. We never break our promise - if you pre-order, you will be one of the privileged few to receive brand new releases!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (OCT 5): We have received another shipment of the Marushin M1 Garand. This popular rifle is selling like hotcakes so hurry to secure one for yourself now before they run out again!. PRE-ORDER One Now!!