Maruzen CA870 Bulldog

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  • Solid Glass Fiber Construction
  • Lightweight & Compact Design
  • 40 Round Capacity
  • Magazine Fed
  • 1 Round Per Pull of the Trigger
  • Pistol Grip Style Foregrip

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Product Specification
Originating ArmoryREMINGTON
Capacity (rds)40
Power (fps)280
Power SourceSpring
Shooting ModePump Action
Net Weight (kg)1.29
Length (mm)530.0
Content Included

Maruzen CA870 Bulldog


Based on the Remington 870, The Maruzen CA870 is a shorter magazine fed replica version very loosely based on the real steel.

The Solid Glass Fiber design is very robust and has a fantastic finish but keeps the weight way down and keeps things nice and affordable. The system employed by Maruzen shotguns, this is a pump-action weapon firing a single BB at a time. Although it is spring operated, the pump is very light, you won't have to break your arm to pump this thing. The pistol grip style foregrip makes pumping and follow up shots even easier.

Since this "shotgun" is magazine fed, reloads are as easy as a mag swap. The lack of a stock and sights makes using the weapon really easy to maneuver and a simple matter of point and click. A manual safety right on the trigger guard makes it safer and easier to carry the weapon pre-cocked.

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Magazine Capacity:

  • 40 Rds

Magazine Compatibility:

  • CA870 Magazines


  • x1 Maruzen CA870 Sawed Off
  • x1 Maruzen 40 Round CA870 Magazine

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