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DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR Airsoft - Black

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  • Highly Authentic Replica 
  • Vietnam War Era Rifle 
  • CNC 6061 Aluminum Receiver Set 
  • Chrome Plated Bolt Carrier Group 
  • Strong Felt Recoil 
  • Steel Fire Control System 
  • Hop-Up Adjusted Under the Outer Barrel 
  • Heat Shield Lined with Aluminum 
  • Magazine Fill Valve Side Mounted for Added Realism 
  • Compatible with VFC M4 GBBR Magazines 

The DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR is the latest offering from DNA filling out their line of Vietnam War era rifles.  The gun is a faithful, highly accurate replica of the XM16E1 and its attention to detail is mindblowing! 

The Colt 603 XM16E1 is the latest version of the "experimental" series before the official adoption of the later M16A1.  Fielded 1963-1967 the XM16E1 was also used extensively by British/Australian SAS as well as numerous Special Forces. 

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Some notable changes made to the 603 were: 

  • First Model with a Forward Assist 
  • Flash Hider Changed to the Improved "3 Prong" 
  • Early Models had a Chrome BCG, later models had Phosphate 

The XM16E1 was made famous in the movie "We Were Soldiers" by Mel Gibson being the primary weapon of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) at the battle of la Drang Valley in 1965.  It was also featured in the Metal Gear video games series Operation Snake Eater, though in the game its stock was removed, barrel was shortened, and used a drum magazine.  This version of the gun featured in the video game was called "the Patriot" 

The DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR faithful replicas these features seen on the real steel version and its chrome plated bolt carrier group signifies that it is indeed accurately an "early" version.  To the more discerning collector, the rifle also boasts an assortment of small details seen lifted directly from the real steel version as well such as the holes seen on the fire selector, aluminum lining inside the head shield, and the stock that does not feature a storage area.  The short 20 round magazine features markings on the bottom and its fill valve is moved to the side, hiding it from sight when loaded in the gun adding to the overall realism of the rifle! 

Internally the DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR uses the VFC's M4 / 416 GBB system and uses a steel fire control set.  Its hop-up chamber is tightly fit and designed excellently for use with heavier weight BBs.  The adjustment dial of the hop-up is found at the base of the outer barrel towards where it is mated to the upper receiver.  The most defining feature here is its buffer system.  The buffer used is patterned after the M16A1/A2 style and does not use the M4 styles buffer.  Not only does this add realism but it increases the felt recoil impulse of the gun.  

There are some steel parts sprinkled around the externals of the gun such as the dust cover, flash hider, and outer barrel which combined with all things mentioned makes the DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR a serious rifle for those looking for a piece of weapons history that eventually spawned one of the most prolific lines of rifles! 

Magazine Compatibility: 

  • VFC M4 GBBR Magazines 


  • x1 DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR - Black
  • x1 20rd Magazine 
Originating ArmoryCOLT
Replica TypeRIFLE
Capacity (rds)20
Power (fps)375
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.02
Length (mm)985.0
Barrel Thread TypeCCW
Content Included

DNA XM16E1 (Mod 603 Early) GBBR - Black

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