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Cybergun FNC GBBR (by VFC, FN Herstal Licensed)

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  • Fully Licensed by Cybergun & FN Herstal
  • World's First Fully Licensed FN FNC Gas Airsoft Replica
  • Mostly Made of Either CNC Steel or Stamped Steel
  • VFC LAR Style Polymer Pistol Grip
  • Aluminum & Polymer Constructed Handguard
  • Semi, 3 Round Burst and Fully Auto Fire Capable
  • Magazines Compatible with Standard VFC M4 / AR-15 Series V3 Gas System Magazines
  • Foldable Stock
  • Internal System Mimicking Real Steel AR-18 Style Mechanism
  • Steel Constructed Firing Mechanism
  • Foldable "Gas Cut Off Switch" & Rear Rifle Grenade Sight
  • VFC Guide Hop System Hop Up Adjustment

VFC and Cybergun have recently blessed airsoft with a lot of retro / Cold War-style rifles in the realistic GBB format, from the Right Arm of the Free World, the FN FAL to the streets of Los Angeles in the 1995 blockbuster movie Heat with the Colt M733, VFC, and Cybergun also made sure these replicas are fully licensed with all the correct markings. Speaking of Heat, the M733 from Colt was primarily used in the infamous bank robbery shootout scene where the bank robber played by Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer while Tom Sizemore's character used the IMI Galil rifle, famously used the rifle to rob the bank and subsequently a shootout with the LAPD. This scene was so well choreographed, that it is to this day regarded as one of the best gunfight action scenes of American cinema and it is also used to show United States Marine recruits as Val Kilmer recalls that he has heard drill instructors saying "If you can't change a clip as fast as this actor, get out of my army!". Now although the LAPD never adopted the FN FNC, the cop who is relentlessly chasing after these bank robbers, Police LT. Vincent Hanna played by none other than the famous Al Pacino used an FNC during this shooting scene.

This rifle, the FNC is very much unknown to most people outside the military circle until Heat pretty much shot it into stardom, so what is the FNC, and who actually uses it? The FN FNC (French: Fabrique Nationale Carabine) is a 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle developed by the Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal and introduced in the late 1970s. The FNC was developed between 1975 and 1977 for NATO standardization trials, as a less expensive alternative to the M16 rifle. The rifle's design is based on the FNC 76 prototype, which itself originated from the commercially unsuccessful FN CAL rifle. This prototype was soon withdrawn from the NATO competition after performing poorly due to its rushed development. Although it had a poor reception with NATO, the rifle was adopted by several nations around the world including its home country, Belgium. The FNC recently regained notoriety as these rifles have also been sent to the front lines of the Russo-Ukrainian War as military aid to the Ukrainian military from Belgium.

The Cybergun FNC GBBR is a fully licensed, faithful replica of Belgium's standard service rifle. Made of mostly steel, either CNC steel or stamped steel, this rifle is super robust, as you would expect a service rifle should be, with the main polymer parts being the pistol grip and the handguard which also has aluminum in it. This rifle has all the features that the real FNC has, such as having a folding stock and a "gas cut-off switch". On the real FNC, if you wish to fire a rifle grenade, you can pull the switch up which is located at the front sight post to cut off the gas that stops the gun from cycling to fire rifle grenades. Although the airsoft variant probably won't ever get to fire an actual rifle grenade, it also acts as the grenade's rear-sight, and it is good to know that VFC and Cybergun went on an extra length to replicate every detail.

Speaking of replicating detail, the real FNC is actually based on the ArmaLite AR-18 pattern, and if you take apart the Cybergun FNC, you will see that VFC has done an excellent job of even making the internals look as real as possible. It does not just look the part but the internal mechanism is also made of steel, giving you uncompromisable robustness. The FNC has multiple firing modes, including 3 round burst, with the selector being similar to the likes of the Type 89 and the SIG 550 series where the selector rotates an entire circle.

The FNC is an older gun, there isn't much option for accessories mounting with its stock from, but no need to worry as VFC is rolling out a bunch of first party accessories that will give you more mounting option, but let's be real, the FNC looks great as it is. (Pretty sure that is because of how Al Pacino handled it). Since the real FNC is a 5.56 weapon that takes standard M4 / AR-15 style STANAG magazines, this airsoft one will take standard VFC V3 M4 / AR-15 series gas airsoft magazines, and the dry fire feature if toggled on the magazine will also translate to the Cybergun FNC, allowing you to dry fire the rifle.

Already got the Cybergun Colt M733? Complete your Heat collection now by getting the Cybergun FNC!

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  • 30 Rounds

Magazine Compatibility:

  • VFC M4 / AR15 Style V3 Gas Airsoft Magazines
  • Cybergun FN FNC Gas Airsoft Magazines


  • x1 Cybergun FNC GBBR (by VFC, FN Herstal Licensed)
  • x1 30 Round Gas Airsoft Magazine
  • x1 Manual
  • x1 BB Speed Loader
Originating ArmoryFN
Replica TypeRIFLE
Capacity (rds)30
Power (fps)380
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeBurst / Semi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.61
Length (mm)990.0
Barrel Thread TypeCCW
Content Included

Cybergun FNC GBBR (by VFC, FN Herstal Licensed)

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