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KTW SPAS Custom Shotgun

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Product Code: KTW-4571383520516
Weight: 1,738 g
Length: 960 mm
Capacity: 60 rds
Power: 375 fps (1.29 Joules)
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$179.99

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Out of stock
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It's weight might be light and its plastic components may make it seem toy like but do not go judging this book by its cover.

For not that much money spent, you can get a pump-action weapon with a 60 round tube that puts out 1 BB per shot as fast as you can rack the slide.

It shoots very consistently under its spring generated power and with surprisingly light pump strength for a weapon of this power it cycles pretty quick too. The top rail is proper 20mm and allows you to mount all kinds of accessories on top. The solid stock offers a nice break but keep an eye out for the after-market folding stock attachment for this baby for an even more tactical look.

If your interest still is not peaked at this budget buy, the rear iron sight is also a camouflaged selector which when moved to the forward position will switch from 1 BB per shot mode to 2 BB per shot mode. The secondary mode consumes ammo at twice the rate but puts out a miniature spread pattern to increase the chances of a hit or just rain down suppressive fire that much more effectively.

Clearly someone at KTW Japan has played too much Half Life.