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  • Manufacturer 
     Vega Force Company
  • Model 
     MK16 Mod0 SCAR-L
  • Capacity 
  • Weight 
  • Power 
     340 fps
  • Motor 
  • Hop-up 
  • Battery 
     8.4 V small type
  • Shooting Mode 
     Semi, Full Auto
  • Construction 
     Aluminum, steel, polymer


-Durable and aesthetic finish
-Realistic take-down without tools
-Wires between the stock and receiver hidden
-Working bolt hold open
-Gun case included
-Two barrel lengths included


-Limited battery space
-No Grip-pod included


Overall we think this is the best SCAR-L replica on the market at the moment. Both the detailing of the AEG itself, as well as the quality and the amount of accessories make this a high value model. Take-down is realistic, each step is just like on the real one!



As recently as 2003, the US SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) announced the search for a new assault rifle for the finest combatants on the face of the Earth. After rigorously testing a few existing models and newly developed candidates, the FN Herstal entry beat out the competition by meeting the criteria and naturally offering a good deal. The new weapon is called the "SCAR", which stands for Special forces Combat Assault Rifle. A lot of insight and feedback from actual operators was used in the design and development process, which has been unbelieveably rapid. The reliability requirements were set to three times the levels of current assault rifles, but the requirements included other important features such as accuracy (sub-MOA) and modularity as well. The weapons family includes two main variants, Light and Heavy, both in three different lengths.

The FN SCAR-L (Mk 16) is loosely based on their older FNC assault rifle. The first SCAR prototypes were in fact built on FNC lower receivers. The upper receiver has been redesigned externally to be modular, allowing the user to mount optics and various other accessories easily to the weapon, to tailor it to suit the specific needs of each mission. The bolt handle can be switched from one side to another depending on the user preference, and all controls are ambidextrous. Being a gas piston operated rifle, it is less prone to overheating and fouling than the AR-15 type weapons family, which direct the hot gases into the action via a gas tube.

The SCAR-L will replace the M4A1 Carbine, Mk 18 CQBR and Mk12 SPR models currently in special forces (SOCOM) service. With 90% of the parts in common between the three SCAR-L variants, it can be adapted to all of these roles with ease. The short and medium variants have barrels just shy of 10 and 14 inches (253 mm and 351 mm respectively), while the long variant reaches to 18" (457 mm). The standard and sniper variants of the SCAR-H will replace the M14-based rifles (such as the EBR) and the Mk 11 (SR-25), and creates new possibilities with the short CQB-model.

The Dark Earth version with a regular length outer barrel attached.
Black is back! The finish on this one is as realistic as they come, just like on the Dark Earth.
The AEGs are supplied with very sturdy, yet reasonably lightweight polymer cases. Great value for the money!


While there have been some SCAR releases before, the fresh VFC release brings something new into the field. The VFC model is based on the 3rd generation SCAR-L, and features the following points:

  • Ambidextrous Safety / Selector
  • 6 Position Folding Stock with 3 Position Cheek Piece
  • Stainless Steel Gas Block
  • FN Style 300 Rds Magazine
  • Functional Bolt Catch
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Folding Front Sight
  • CNC Machined Steel Flash Hider / Folding Rear Sight
  • Battery carried inside stock with Hidden Wiring
  • Includes STD / CQC Outer Barrels
  • Realistic Field Stripping

    Stainless steel gas block, machined front sight and movable mock regulator that doubles as a tool for advanced disassembly.
    Close-up of the markings. The attention to detail is impeccable! Serial numbers are individual.
    The Dark Earth version especially stands out with a finish that makes it blend in where it counts!

    The battery compartment provides access without tools simply by a push-pin and removal of the butt-plate. The pin is captive, so you don't need to worry about losing small parts in the field. The space reserved for the battery goes through the stock, so you can opt for a longer battery simply if you keep the stock in a longer position. Due to the external limitations, only small or AA type cells can be used.

    The VFC SCAR-L has some weight to it, but being a replica of a modern assault rifle, it is still comfortably light to handle. If they were made too heavy, they would quickly surpass the real thing in weight, making the airsoft variant actually unrealistic! In addition to the real-like weight, the VFC SCAR feels rock solid. There is no creaking or flex to be found anywhere, and even the folding stock seems like it's not going to snap off - a problem associated with some other brands.

    The front of the AEG is especially sturdy, as it is all metal inside out. The outer barrel is attached to the lower rail frame, and this assembly is screwed onto the upper receiver with six screws, three on each side. As a very nice detail, a Torx key has been integrated into the gas regulator, so you can actually separate the outer barrel assembly from the upper receiver without using any separate tools!

    Changing between the regular and CQC inner barrels is relatively easy. After removing the lower rail / outer barrel assembly from the upper receiver, you only need to loosen (not remove) two set screws from the sides of the hop chamber area with a 1.5 mm allen key, and slide the inner barrel assembly out from the rear.

    If you split hairs, the wiring is technically showing in the hinges - not something you can tell without knowing. But where is Waldo?
    Six-position adjustable folding stock extended, but at the shortest setting for a dynamic upright position. Length adjustment button is found in the rear.
    All the way out, the stock is long enough to provide a good length of pull for a prone position. The cheek rest has three positions for the user preference and optics variation.

    The outer barrel threads securely onto the solid inner part of the outer barrel. You can choose the standard length or the CQC without buying any separate accessories; The package includes the short inner barrel as well. The thread is the usual 14 mm left hand (CCW). There are no hidden grub screws to be found, as the outer barrel can simply be tightened down as far as it goes. The flash hider has a mock crush washer with an O-ring underneath, so you can align it with the ports facing to the sides. When attaching the CQC outer barrel extension, the wide part faces the gas block and the narrow section points forwards. We found that the O-ring would slip easily over the thin part, so it is easiest to put the O-ring on the threads first, then wiggle the crush washer over it as far as it goes, and start screwing on the flash hider.

    COMING SOON: Video disassembly of the SCAR, and a surprise for current owners. Please check back soon!

    The CQC inner barrel, Would you believe that the small bushing/sleeve is actually the CQC outer barrel extension? It is!
    The black variant disassembled into the main components. No separate tools are required, and it can be done in one minute!