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PRODUCT DETAILS Deep Fire Samson Evolution (9 inch Rail) Carbine (Clearance)

Deep Fire Samson Evolution (9 inch Rail) Carbine (Clearance)

Product Brand:

Deep Fire

Product Code: DF-DS004
Weight: 2,780 g
Length: 803 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 380 fps (1.33 Joules)
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$329.00
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When we think of M4 AEGs, we don't usually think about Deep Fire being in the competition. I think they've been holding out on us for a while as they've finally come out with a series of M4 AEGs that could compete with the others out there on the market.

They released a set of 10 M4 AEGs, known as the Samson Evolution series, which are all rather similar but special in their own way. The similarities is that they all have the Licensed RWA Samson Rails rails, both 9 and the 12.37 Inch which is a major selling point in itself. They all have the Adjustable/Re-moveable folding battle sights we've been accustomed to recently. They all have the same receiver, pistol trip and 6 point crane stocks where the T shape battery is stored in the stock tube. The main differences are the length and the type of Hop Up Chamber they use.

Let's break them down into two groups. There is the original version the deluxe version and they all have different length hand guards and outer barrel. The original version has the traditional AR M4 style Hop up Unit while the Deluxe version has a Systema type Hop Up Chamber where you have to use an Hex key to adjust it underneath the gearbox seen in the mag well. The Deluxe version is far more accurate than the original version mainly because of the Hop Up chamber.

This is the Deep Fire Samson Evolution (9 inch Rail) Carbine version with a 14 inch barrel. It has the tradition M4 hop up chamber which you can adjust by pulling the charging handle back. As it says in its name, it has a 14 Inch Barrel with a 9 inch Samson Rail and has an ordinary flash hider. It can be removed to reveal a 14 mm CCW thread of which you can attach any other flash hider or suppressor on the market.