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PRODUCT DETAILS RWC Gambit J.O.D. (Jack of Diamonds) Carbine AEG

RWC Gambit J.O.D. (Jack of Diamonds) Carbine AEG

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Product Code: RWCGUM-EG-03-0002
Weight: 2,350 g
Length: 786 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 410 fps (1.54 Joules)
Battery Size: Large Deans
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$548.99

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  • Based off the G&P Magpul M4 MOE Carbine AEG.
  • Stock PTS licensed externals.
  • Bullgear CNC Aluminium Piston Head.
  • Bullgear Steel Full Teeth Piston.
  • Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Hop Up Packing.
  • Prometheus High Speed Gear Set.
  • Prometheus EG Barrel 363mm.
  • GATE TITAN Complete Set.


    Length - 786mm
    Weight - 2350g
    Inner Barrel Length - 363mm
    Magazine Capacity - 120 Rounds
    Power Source - Battery Powered
    Gearbox - Ver. 2
    Thread Direction - 14mm CW
    Motor - Stock G&P Long Motor
    Blowback - None
    Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
    Hop-up - Adjustable by opening breach.
    Magazine Compatibility - Ships with 120 Round mid-cap magazine. Compatible with Tokyo Marui and other compatible M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Magazines.
    FPS - 410

    In the latest episode of RWTV, Tim, Marck and Gambit was given a task to build their own M4 AEG with a budget of 600 USD. Marck opted for the route that embodied the physical attributes. The idea behind the build was based on elegance and being streamlined. Everything from the rail to integral suppressor to the stock, allows for the gun to be best suited to go fast. Gambit thought it best to think about what is on the inside, as looks can only get you so far. As for his personal preference, Gambit is exceptionally picky when it comes to his rifle's buttstock and grip. Hence he invested on a base gun that has the accessories that meet his needs, and decided to focus the rest of the funding to the gun's internal. In terms of internal performance, he has very particular requirement for his rifle's trigger, therefore the rifle in installed with a Gate Titan mosfet. Tim thought it best to involve upgrades for both internal and externals since he firmly believes that players not only want their guns to look the part, but to perform exceptionally well too. Functionality was the name of Tim's game as he wanted to make sure everything was easy to use. For example, switching out the batteries takes a matter of seconds while Gambit and Marck will most likely take a little while longer.

    About RWC:

    The RWC series (Redwolf Custom) have been quiet for a while, but now RW have decided to make a comeback with some fully upgraded guns, both internally and externally, which will save you the trouble and give you performance of top notch upgraded AEGs.


    x1 RWC Gambit J.O.D. (Jack of Diamonds) Carbine AEG.
    x1 120 Rnd Magazine.
    x1 Packaging for products involved in creation of RWC AEG.
    x1 Quake Target.
    x1 Manual.

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