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Maruzen P38 AC40.s GBB Airsoft Pistol (Black Metal Finish)

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  • Fully Licensed by Carl Walther
  • Faithful Replica of The German Wartime Walther P38 Pistol
  • Era Correct Markings and Proof Marks
  • 12+1 Magazine Capacity
  • Smooth Single / Double Action Trigger
  • Safety Also Acts as Decocker
  • European Style Heel Magazine Release
  • Faux Bakelite Grips

The Walther P38, out of the 4 main pistols used by Nazi Germany during World War 2 that being the Walther PP / PPK, Mauser C96 / M712 Broomhandle, Luger P08, and the Walther P38, is the standard issue pistol for the Wehrmacht during that era, and the demand for these pistols was so great that the P38s was not just made in the Walther factories but also in the Mauser, Erste Nordbohmische Metallwarenfabrik and Spreewerk factories. Although the Walther P38 is not considered by any means modern by today's standards, it is so reliable that the Austrian military adopted it during its introduction until 1980 when Glock introduced the Glock 17 pistol and for them to adopt it as the P80. It also inspired the famous Beretta 92 series which the United States Military at one point adopted as the M9 pistol.

This Maruzen P38 AC40.s gas airsoft pistol is a faithful replica of the Walter-produced P38 during wartime Germany and is fully licensed by Carl Walther. Unlike pre-war and post-war P38s, this pistol does not have "Walther" markings on the pistol, this was done during wartime to mask the manufacturers of these pistols from allied forces, Instead, it has the manufacturer's code engraved on it. This particular P38 was modeled after the Walter-made ones so it has "ac" denoting this is a Walther-made pistol, "40" and it has proof marks all over with the eagle sitting on the number "359" denoting that this pistol was proof marked by Walther themselves which this Maruzen made pistol has copied to a tea.

The Maruzen P38 is made of mostly plastic as per the requirements of Japanese law, however, it is indeed reinforced by metal as well as having metal weights under the faux Bakelite grips giving it a very sturdy feel that you could not tell it is actually plastic until you handled the gun. This gas airsoft pistol, just like the real thing has a smooth single-action and double-action trigger, which makes follow-up shots a breeze. The safety on this pistol is also a decocker so when the gun is cock and the safety is engaged, it will decock the pistol.

This pistol carries a 12+1 capacity, and it is recommended to use HFC134A or duster gas to run this pistol as green gas and other stronger gasses may increase the wear and tear on the gun itself. This pistol has an adjustable hop-up and the hop-up can be adjusted from the breach using a small Allen key.

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Magazine Capacity:

  • 12 Rounds

Magazine Compatibility:

  • Maruzen P38 Series Gas Magazines


  • x1 Maruzen P38 AC40.s GBB Airsoft Pistol (Black Metal Finish)
  • x1 12 Round Gas Magazine
  • x1 Manual
Originating ArmoryWALTHER
Replica TypePISTOL
Capacity (rds)12
Power (fps)260
Power SourceHFC134A
Shooting ModeSemi Auto
Net Weight (kg)0.72
Length (mm)215.0
Content Included

Maruzen P38 AC40.s GBB Airsoft Pistol (Black Metal Finish)

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