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Professional training weapon (PTW) airsoft guns replicate real-steel platforms typically used by law enforcement, enthusiasts, and the military. In many cases, the similarities can be striking. 

As the name suggests, these airsoft guns allow individuals to train, with several marked advantages over practicing with the real thing. However, that’s not to say that the PTW series is your typical weekend weaponry on the airsoft field.

What Is a PTW Airsoft Gun?

Systema Engineering is largely recognized for introducing the PTW airsoft gun. Indeed, it’s one of the names most associated with this type of airsoft platform, which strictly adheres to real-steel specifications with only subtle variances. PTW replicas aim to give airsofters, law enforcement, and military members a nearly identical operating experience and a few key benefits. 

Obviously, PTW airsoft guns propel BBs down range instead of actual bullets. However, the two platforms share many other features, minus a few internal components necessary for airsoft versus real-steel purposes. 

Barrel lengths, selector controls, Picatinny rail locations, scope mounts, and magazine wells can be identical. In some cases, PTW airsoft guns can be a 1:1 replica of the real firearm, which helps build that muscle memory. 

PTW airsoft guns are also sought after because they allow individuals to train with a similar weapon on a tighter budget, as BBs cost less than bullets. In addition, training with others with PTW airsoft guns enables the team to focus on techniques, communication, and strategy while maintaining the feel and look of the corresponding weapons. At the same time, many PTW weapons can set you back quite a bit financially. 

PTW airsoft guns cater to dedicated airsofters who take personal defense and weapons training seriously. If you want to use airsoft to train for real-steel use and need a platform to match, PTW airsoft guns are the way to go. The confidence you gain training with the PTW airsoft gun and translating that to your primary real-steel weapon can help you become a better all-around marksman, hands down.

How Does a PTW Airsoft Gun Work? 

Since Systema PTW airsoft guns are some of the most popular, we’ll use their basic platform as an example. When you fire a Systema PTW, you only have to pull the trigger once. Then, the computer does the work for you to actuate the internal components to fire the airsoft gun. 

Systema PTW airsoft guns, therefore, operate similarly to automatic electric guns (AEGs) in the sense that they’re electronically controlled. You also need a lipo battery to serve as a charger for the system, which is typically housed in the PTW magazine. 

Semi-automatic and three-round burst modes are standard on Systema PTW airsoft guns. You can swap out the cylinders within the airsoft gun and change the power output and feet-per-second (FPS) velocity based on your chosen color. Such a toolless upgrade can help you dial in your airsoft gun and ensure a victory. 

PTW airsoft guns weigh about the same as their real-steel counterparts. Many also refuse to function if you don’t insert the magazine. Most Systema triggers delight airsofters, and the realistic bolt lock engages when the magazine empties. 

How To Choose a PTW Airsoft Gun

Choosing a PTW airsoft gun is a bit different than picking up a gas blowback rifle (GBBR), submachine gun (SMG), GBB pistol, HPA gun, carbine, or airsoft AEG. 

Instead of deciding if you want a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa pistol or a VFC sniper rifle, your goal is to pick a model that resembles a real firearm that you’d run as well. The similarities can come down to the polymer stock, the flash hider, the charging handle, the suppressor, or the trigger guard.

Selecting your professional training weapon airsoft gun first requires that you determine which real-steel platform you want. Matching up the two can take a few tries, but ideally, you should have the same style of gun in airsoft and real steel. However, some players purchase the airsoft replica first, so the preference is yours. 

Most, if not all, PTW airsoft guns are airsoft rifles. Therefore, choosing a rifle platform that fits your style is best. If you’re uncomfortable running a particular rifle, there are plenty of other PTW airsoft guns to choose from. 

How To Upgrade a PTW Airsoft Gun

Most PTW airsoft guns, at least those from Systema, have excellent factory performance. While you can upgrade internals with conversion kits featuring inner barrels, spring guides, buckings, outer barrels, air nozzles, and hop-ups, you may not necessarily need to. 

Here are a few of the upgrades we sell at RedWolf for PTW airsoft guns: 

The best part about PTW airsoft guns is that you can also upgrade most of the external components to suit your fancy. As a disclaimer, you’re not limited to what’s sold in the airsoft world. Instead, you can purchase off-the-shelf parts for the real-steel counterparts and install them on the airsoft replica version as adapters. These parts include pistol grips, handguards, and bipods.

One advantage of replicating the externals is how you interact with both guns. If you can install the same scope (multiple models) on both, for example, you can acquire your target much faster than if you were to use a different one. Accessories like flashlights or sights can also help you replicate your favorite PTW, while regulators and silencers can adapt your gearbox to suit your play preferences.

Popular PTW Airsoft Gun Models

To give you an idea of how much a PTW airsoft gun typically runs, there’s a stark difference in price between the Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon CQBR MAX (M150 Cylinder) - Ambidextrous Version and the Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 SUPER MAX (Fixed Stock Version) (M165 Cylinder)

Despite having a 6.04mm tight inner barrel, a superb trigger response, an aluminum diecast receiver, and improved burst function, the Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 SUPER MAX is actually more affordable than the Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon CQBR MAX. The Systema CQBR MAX incorporates a mil-spec stock tube, short stroke trigger, steel carry handle, and an ambidextrous fire selector, along with semi-automatic and full auto modes. 

Additional popular PTW airsoft gun models include the following:

Dedicate yourself to a new tier of air gunplay with the PTW airsoft gun, a versatile and capable platform ready to replicate your experience and improve your skill set. RedWolf carries several PTW airsoft platforms to add to your wishlist, many of which can be modified and upgraded to include the parts you need. For those and almost everything airsoft, check out our stock to see how you can up your game.