The Avtomat Kalashnikova is easily the most recognizable series of firearms ever made. Developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov during World War 2 and first produced in 1947, the AK47 was revolutionary in its cost, reliability and the sheer firepower it offered to the Soviet infantryman. Placed in service during the height Cold War, the AK was manufactured in the hundreds of millions and sent to friendly Communist aligned countries across the world becoming the weapon of choice for both tyrants and freedom fighters alike. The ubiquity of the AK also applies to the various AK 47 airsoft guns available and encompass the entirety of the airsoft Kalashnikov series ranging from airsoft AK AEGs like the Tokyo Marui Airsoft AK74 NGRS and LCT AK-12 airsoft to quality gas blowback AK airsoft guns like the incredible GHK AK74 GBB and the Tokyo Marui AKM GBB.

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The airsoft AK47 brings the distinctive AK platform to the airsoft replica world. Airsoft AK47s are just one of many airsoft AKs available to players who enjoy shooting this type of gun or want to play a particular role. 

The AK series of airsoft rifles, submachine guns (SMGs), and airsoft shotguns also benefit from plenty of aftermarket support in a variety of styles. 

What Is an Airsoft AK47?

The AK47 and its AK siblings are well-known worldwide. Known in the Soviet Union as Avtomat Kalashnikova, or Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle, the AK is one of the most recognizable series of firearms ever made. 

Mikhail Kalashnikov developed the AK during World War II (1945), and it quickly became the preferred firearm of Communist-aligned countries, tyrants, and freedom fighters. 

The Soviet military formally adopted the AK in 1949. This select-fire (semi-automatic and full-auto) assault rifle, chambered in 7.62x39mm, used the intermediate rifle caliber to defeat opponents. Although the original models were called AK47s, many modern versions have since come to the market. For example, the AKM is a modern variant that was introduced in 1959. 

On the airsoft field, AK47s (and others from the AK lineup) are as prominent as AR-15s. This Soviet airsoft gun platform also enjoys widespread support from manufacturers, including EMG, G&G, ICS, KSC, KWA, LCT, and many others. Each airsoft brand brings something new to the table, with tactical and classic wood versions available. 

How Does an Airsoft AK47 Work?

Airsoft AK47 guns are available in automatic electric gun (AEG) form as well as CO2 and green gas. Similar to most airsoft AEG rifles, the AK47 AEG incorporates a hop-up, bucking, inner barrel, gearbox, motor, and battery. Most gas-powered AK47s are gas blowback (GBB) to give players a sense of recoil. 

Regarding magazine capacity, semi-auto AK47s and other AK variants are known for carrying more than most airsoft guns. High-capacity magazines can hold up to 600 rounds to ensure you’ve got plenty of ammo to drive back your opponents. These AK airsoft guns require a sizable investment in BBs, but they’re well worth the cost when you consider reloading on the fly. 

How To Choose an Airsoft AK47

Selecting from the many airsoft AK platforms available depends on what you’re looking for in an AK and how much you want to spend. AK47s aren’t necessarily any more expensive than your average airsoft gun, but they can fetch a premium price depending on which brand and variant you choose. 

Below are several brands RedWolf carries that make AK47 variants:

Classic and modern styles are well-represented among these brands. Real wood furniture and full-metal versions give you that classic AK look or plunge you deep into the tactical realm where red dots, flashlights, handguards, and flash hiders are common. 

Individual components vary among the available versions, including side-folding, telescoping, or bottom-folding stocks. Although many AKs have pistol grips that fit comfortably in the hand, these assault rifles aren’t necessarily a good choice for an airsoft sniper rifle.

Popular Airsoft AK47 Models

We cover 12 of the best airsoft AK47 rifles in-depth on our RedWolf TV channel, but here are a few of our favorite picks. Which of them will you add to your wishlist?

RedWolf carries several AK47 airsoft rifles that are ready to ship to you! Check out our inventory and discover other types of airsoft guns — like airsoft pistols, grenade launchers, carbines, and AEG airsoft rifles — that you can purchase to make a statement on any airsoft field. 

We carry some of the best brands, like Cybergun and Lancer Tactical, to give you plenty of firepower the next time you set foot on your local field.