Classic Army M132 Micro Gun AEG Airsoft - Black

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  • Handheld Gatling Style Airsoft Minigun Gun
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Innovative "Hybrid" System
  • Batteries Need to Rotate Barrels
  • Green Gas Or HPA to Propel BBs
  • Individual Hop-up for Each Barrel
  • 2200 Round Capacity

The M-132 airsoft minigun is a type of rotary Gatling-style machine gun that is designed to fire a high volume of ammunition rapidly. It is a scaled-down version of the M134 minigun, which is a six-barrel rotary machine gun used by the US military. The M-132 is a Classic Army design, turning a heavy, practically unwieldy 6-barrel minigun into a somewhat hand-wieldable four-barrel rotary airsoft machine gun.

The M-132 airsoft minigun is designed by Classic Army to be the imaginary little brother of the legendary M134 Minigun chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, and it has a firing rate of up to 3,000 rounds per minute. It is known for its high rate of fire and its effectiveness in providing suppressive fire against ground targets. It is typically used by helicopter gunships to provide close air support to ground troops, as well as for anti-personnel and anti-vehicle purposes. However, it is best known on the silver screen as the weapon of choice of the Terminator or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's character in the Fast & Furious franchise. The unforgettable scene has Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-8000 as he fights off mere mortals who try to take it down.

Few companies have ever attempted the highly complex feat of recreating an airsoft minigun, due to the complicated mechanics required to spin the barrels and synchronize shooting BBs out of the as the barrels rotate at high speed. Craft Apple Works (CAW), Echo 1, and Classic Army created the epic M-134 airsoft minigun in the late 2000s but that except for the Classic Army it has been discontinued, most likely due to the fact that the platform is really heavy and needed to be crew serviced just like the real thing in other to field it in an airsoft game or a milsim event. Piper Precision also created an HPA-powered M-134 airsoft minigun earlier than that with immense firepower that was all but too much for the legal limits of most countries. Unfortunately, these classics are rare collectibles now and hard to find.

Classic Army stepped up to the challenge and has successfully designed a portable and fieldable airsoft minigun, in the form of the M-132. Aside from its menacing and awesome visual appeal, this hybrid electric-and-gas-powered Gatling-style airsoft machine gun is an amazing example of airsoft engineering. The high rate of fire and the gust of wind that the spinning barrels generate are overwhelming, to say the least. Mowing down targets and opponents seems like a side benefit to the whole experience. The torque of the spinning barrels also means you need to keep a tight grip as the M-132 tries to wrench free from your grip like a raging bull.

The Classic Army M132 Micro Gun is very similar to most Classic Army airsoft minigun-style models, in that a battery is used to spin the barrels. The Classic Army M132 micro gun can hold up to 2200 rounds and is powered by one 11.1v battery and either green gas or HPA to propel the BBs. Each Barrel of the Classic Army M132 micro gun has its own hop-up that is easy to access and adjust using an Allen key. The BBs are easy to load; simply unscrew the loading cap, pull out the spring loader from the front, insert your BBs, and screw the cap back on.

The M132 airsoft minigun or micro gun as it is called by Classic Army is constructed from both metal and polymer. It weighs around 4.45 KGs or 9.6 pounds unloaded, so it's not the kind of gun that you would run around with on a field during an extended game unless of course if you are built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, or even Silvester Stallone. Do note that no sling mounts are available on this airsoft minigun to help you hoist this beast around, although players have been known to fabricate straps that attach to the front carry handle and the grip to ease the load.

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  • x1 Classic Army M132 Micro Gun AEG Airsoft
  • x2 Deens to Tamiya Connecters
  • x1 Manual
PlatformAEG & GBB
BrandClassic Army
ModelM133 M134
Capacity (rds)2200
Power (fps)300
Power SourceHPA
Shooting ModeFull Auto
Net Weight (kg)4.45
Length (mm)700.0
Battery Type11.1v
Battery PlugLarge Deans
Content Included

Classic Army M132 Micro Gun AEG Airsoft - Black

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