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The long awaited PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) by Vega Force Company is here! Get yours today!
In the mid 80s, the US Army started to develop the Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). Its primary role was not for the front line troops, instead for the ancillary personnel like drivers, engineers and medics to protect themselves. In the early 90s begun a similar project, only to have its engineers turn the prototypes down due to unsatisfactory performances. To the engineers, the challenges came in two forms; firstly the ineffectiveness of the conventional 9mm PDW, used by the US Army, against armored opponents and secondly, the lack of controllability of the 5.56mm PDW due to its caliber and barrel length. When engaged with opponents a regular battle rifle with a short barrel will be more of a problem than a solution. The solution for this would be a powerful, high penetrating strength in a yet compact and lightweight PDW. The KAC PDW brings you just that!

The KAC PDW has two versions, one with an 8inch barrel and the other with a 10inch barrel, with the weight coming in at just over 2kg. It fires the 6x35mm cartridge, and has an effective range of 300m with accuracy and lethality. The KAC PDW has two gas pistons tapping the hot gas from the barrel to operate its mechanism, located on the top left and right sides of the bolt carrier. A single mainspring is located at the top, between two gas pistons with the bolt itself is said to be similar to the AK-47 type rotating bolt. The dimpling processed barrel is designed to reduce both the weight and heat, and a specially designed KAC muzzle break to help reduce the recoil by up to 40% lower than other 5.56 x45mm weapons with the same 10inch barrels firing the same M855 ammo. The upper receiver integrates the rail hand guard and equips a removable flip up front and rear sight, with the lower receiver being similar to that of an M4; the main difference with the standard M4 series, is that the KAC PDW features a fully ambidextrous magazine and fire selector.

With its compact size, the KAC Personal Defense Weapon is a great leap forward, surpassing the 9mm caliber weapon system. With such a compact, lean and mean PDW. CQB and COC operators will be able to elevate their field performance to the next level up.

Vegas Force Company had put a lot of care and effort into reproducing the KAC PDW, producing an outstanding AEG for the Airsoft universe! The VFC PDW is made from high quality Aluminum alloys and steel, processed through CNC-machining and finished to a military grade standard finish. The resulting product looks and feel exactly like that of the real steel KAC PDW. The many metal components give the VFC PDW a very robust structure yet well balanced and an easily maneuverable feel. With every external detail reproduced faithfully, including the dimpling processed outer barrel, the Special KAC Muzzle Break, and the one-piece upper receiver was meticulously recreated. With VFCs unique patented designs such as the bolt lock system, and functional ambidextrous safety, magazine catch, will help to improve the maneuverability.

VFCs gearbox comes equipped with an 8mm enhanced precision gearbox with professional steel bushings, high strength steel gears, a durable Polymer Carbon (The same material used to produce the Glock pistols frame) piston, and ball bearing spring guide. The VFC gearbox is strictly tested with a 12v car battery and is also suitable for Li-Poly batteries, so that the instant you pull the trigger, you would feel the amazingly explosive force.

Length (Extended): 669mm
Length (Folded): 440mm


  • VFC PDW (Black),
  • PEQ Battery Box,

    Battery Not Included

  • Specifications
    PlatformELECTRIC (AEG)
    Originating ArmoryKNIGHTS ARMAMENT
    Replica TypeSMG
    ModelAR/M4 SERIES
    Capacity (rds)120
    Power (fps)330
    Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
    Net Weight (kg)2.18
    Length (mm)669.0
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