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KSC M93R C Series (Full Auto)

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Product Code: KSC-4544416019332
Weight: 880 g
Length: 230 mm
Capacity: 26 rds
Power: 285 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Burst / Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$199.00

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The Model 93R is a selective-fire machine pistol made by the Italian Beretta company, and it is derived from their semi-automatic Model 92. The "R" stands for Raffica, which means "burst" in Italian. The pistol was designed in the 1970s for police and military use. With its familiar shape and parts but unusual full auto and burst fire functions it is a well-used pistol both in film and games.

Not using System 7, this gas blow back M93 (quite rare to see this KSC version anymore) comes in at a short range acceptable 300 fps; especially considering the target will no doubt be receiving a triple round burst or full auto strafe. The enlarged trigger guard in combination with the included catch allow the second hand to grab a rudimentary second hand grip to stabilize full auto shooting. While more necessary on the real weapon with actual recoil, in this Airsoft version it does not hurt to keep the weapon steady for more accurate shooting and better control and of course for the sake a of an accurate replica.

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