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PRODUCT DETAILS Tokyo Marui AA12 Electric Gun

Tokyo Marui AA12 Electric Gun

Product Brand:

Tokyo Marui

Product Code: TM-4952839171016
Weight: 3,900 g
Length: 840 mm
Capacity: 93 rds
Power: 260 fps
Battery Size: 8.4v with Small Tamiya
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
In stock
Unit Price: USD$463.00

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Tokyo Marui is known for innovation and pushing the limits, and boy they sure know how to do that! It?s the first Airsoft Automatic Electric Shotgun (AES) in the world with 3 inner barrels. Each inner barrel can be individually adjusted by sliding open the ejection port cover. From there this allows you to control the spread of how the BB?s come out. Inside the gun it features a 3 Cylinder Mechabox which drives 30 BB?s out a second in Full Auto!

This gun is not as light as it looks; it weighs about 4 Kg which is quite heavy for those that are not used to M4 or AK system. The polymer finish on it is beautiful and makes it feel authentic to the real thing. It looks pristine and untouched, that will all change once you buy it and take it the field. Everything inside is newly designed, including the motor. If you look at the front sight and rear butt stock you can find a sling mount which is a great addition!

Since it?s a Marui product you can expect it to shoot at 260 FPS and accurately straight out of the box. We only recommend you using an 8.4V battery if you want higher rate of fire, careful though it will eat through you 90 Round mag in 3 seconds! Shooting it in full auto feels amazing, it?s a force to reckon with against your opposition.

This gun only feeds on 8.4V batteries, anything lower than 8.4V will not drive the gun, and 11.1V the gun would automatically stop by its in-built FET

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