ZURU X-Shot Turbo Fire Blaster

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  • Darts Fly Up to 90ft/27m (Results May Vary)
  • 20 Dart Capacity
  • Award-Winning Aerodynamic Dart Design: Dart Range Award Winner
  • Darts Compatible with Zuru X Shot Darts
  • Slam-Fire Blasting for Rapid Firing

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Product Specification
BrandTTI Airsoft
Capacity (rds)20
Power SourceSpring
Net Weight (kg)0.86
Length (mm)560.0
Content Included

ZURU X-Shot Turbo Fire Blaster


The ZURU X Shot Turbo Fire blaster is a fun, spring action, slam-fire nerf dart gun that is great fun for the whole family. Its fun and Sci-Fi design is easily appealing to children of all ages and its ability to shoot relatively long distances can also appeal to adults who want a bit of fun without having to worry about pain or serious property damage.

The Hurricane features a 20 round magazine capacity and boasts award-winning dart designs to help it achieve longer shooting distances compared to its competition, up to 90ft or 27m!

The "slam-fire" feature is easy to use as you simply hold down the trigger and cycle the action much like you would a spring pistol. This allows you to quickly fire out multiple rounds in rapid succession, combined with its flip-up rear sight, you might even get a fair amount of accuracy!

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Dart Compatibility:

  • Zuru X Shot Darts

Magazine Capacity:

  • 20 Darts


  • x1 ZURU X-Shot Turbo Fire Blaster
  • x48 Darts

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